Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: iksanam

  īkṣaṇam—eyes    Bg 2.1, SB 2.2.9
  īkṣaṇam—audience    SB 2.4.15
  īkṣaṇam—and glancing.    SB 3.21.10
  īkṣaṇam—with eyes    SB 3.28.13
  īkṣaṇam—vision    SB 4.8.45
  īkṣaṇam—having eyes    SB 6.9.29-30
  īkṣaṇam—manifestation    SB 7.9.31
  īkṣaṇam—whose eyes    SB 10.9.8
  īkṣaṇām—whose eyes    SB 4.28.30
  ambuja-īkṣaṇam—with eyes resembling lotuses    SB 10.3.9-10
  bhaya-vihvala-īkṣaṇam—whose eyes appeared distressed because of such fear of His mother    SB 10.9.11
  kañja-garbha-aruṇa-īkṣaṇām—with pinkish eyes like the womb of a lotus flower    SB 8.6.3-7
  nalina-āyata-īkṣaṇam—with eyes as broad as the petals of a lotus    SB 8.22.13
  suta-īkṣaṇam—as a mother looks upon her child    SB 10.6.39-40
  tat-īkṣaṇam—seeing the relationship with Govinda, Kṛṣṇa.    SB 7.7.55

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