Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: ihate

  ihate—in this    Adi 16.81, Madhya 3.82, Madhya 9.119, Madhya 15.257, Antya 1.181
  ihate—in this connection    Adi 6.101, Madhya 6.117, Madhya 20.127
  ihate—seeks    Bg 7.22
  ihate—thinks of    SB 4.29.71
  ihate—performs    SB 6.2.4
  ihate—engages in activities of creation, maintenance and annihilation    SB 8.1.15
  ihate—executes    Madhya 22.74
  ihate—in him    Antya 1.197
  ihate—about this    Antya 6.125
  ihate—in these ingredients    Antya 16.112
  ihate-i—in this    Adi 15.20

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