Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: icchaya

  icchaya—by the desire    Adi 3.110, Adi 3.112, Antya 8.90-91
  icchaya—by the will    Adi 5.105, Madhya 20.256, Madhya 20.290
  icchaya—by the will of    SB 1.13.43
  icchaya—by the will    SB 3.9.19, Adi 5.1
  icchaya—with a desire.    SB 3.17.31, SB 4.20.26
  icchaya—by His will    Adi 6.9, Madhya 13.13
  icchaya—by desires    SB 1.6.34
  icchaya—by your desire    SB 3.9.39
  icchaya—by His own will    SB 3.31.12
  icchaya—by His will (without being forced by anyone)    SB 7.2.39
  icchaya—by the wish.    SB 7.13.40
  icchaya—whimsically    SB 7.15.14
  icchaya—only by the will    Adi 6.11
  icchaya—will.    Adi 7.95-96
  icchaya—by His wish    Adi 7.124
  icchaya—according to desire    Madhya 3.107
  icchaya—simply by willing    Madhya 20.253

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: icchaya

  isvara-icchaya—by the order of the Supreme Personality of Godhead    SB 5.1.23
  isvara-icchaya—by the supreme will of the Personality of Godhead    Adi 6.61
  isvara-icchaya—by the will of the Lord    Madhya 13.28
  ei icchaya—by this desire    Madhya 4.121
  gramya-sukha-icchaya—by desire for material happiness    SB 4.2.22
  krsna-icchaya—by the supreme will of Krsna    Madhya 20.396
  krsnera icchaya—by the supreme will of Lord Krsna    Adi 5.19
  malira icchaya—on the desire of the gardener    Adi 10.86
  nija-nija-icchaya—by their own desires    SB 5.6.10
  para-icchaya—by the order of others    SB 5.9.9-10
  pavana-icchaya—with a desire to purify    SB 4.30.37
  sabara icchaya—because of everyone's desire    Madhya 16.285
  sankarsana-icchaya—by the will of Sankarsana    Madhya 20.257
  sapta-dvipa-vara-icchaya—by the desire to take possession of seven islands.    SB 8.19.22
  sukha-icchaya—desiring to be happy within this material world    SB 8.24.47
  toma-sabara icchaya—only by your will    Madhya 25.170
  tomara icchaya—by Your grace    Madhya 11.18
  tanra icchaya—by His desire    Madhya 20.93
  yat-icchaya—by whose desires    Adi 8.1
  apana-icchaya—by self-will    Adi 17.89
  apana-icchaya—at His own will    Madhya 1.170
  apana-icchaya—by Your own will    Madhya 11.177
  apana-icchaya—by Your sweet will    Madhya 16.283
  apana-icchaya—by his own will    Madhya 17.175