Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: iccha

  icchā—desire    Bg 7.27, Bg 12.9, Bg 13.6-7, SB 3.5.23, SB 3.24.47, Adi 4.165, Adi 17.200, Madhya 10.16, Madhya 10.73, Madhya 10.93 (and more...)
  icchā—the desire    Madhya 4.124, Madhya 5.28, Madhya 5.126, Madhya 12.23, Madhya 12.78, Madhya 16.3, Antya 11.95
  icchā—desires    SB 5.10.10, Adi 4.93
  icchā—there is a desire    Madhya 19.112, Madhya 25.181
  icchā—wishes    Bg 5.27-28
  icchā—according to desire    SB 7.7.14
  icchā—will    Adi 9.9
  icchā—a desire    Madhya 7.3
  icchā—Your desire    Madhya 10.57
  icchā—the will    Madhya 25.133
  icchā-pidhānam—covering all other desires    Madhya 22.40, Madhya 24.103, Madhya 24.199
  mora icchā—My desire    Madhya 16.64, Antya 11.34
  tāṅra icchā—his desire    Adi 16.16, Antya 12.106
  bhakta-icchā vinā—without the permission of devotees    Madhya 16.11
  śravaṇa-icchā—desired to hear    Antya 1.137
  icchā baḍa—intense desire    Antya 13.30
  icchā bhari—satisfying the desire    Madhya 2.92
  icchā haya—there is a desire    Antya 7.145
  icchā haya—You like.    Antya 11.29
  icchā jāni—knowing His desire    Madhya 13.65
  icchā nāhi—there was no such desire    Madhya 17.100
  icchā-amṛte—by the nectar of the will    Adi 9.38
  icchā-anugṛhīta-rūpam—accepting form according to desire    SB 3.14.50
  icchā-śakti—willpower    Madhya 20.252
  icchā-śakti—of willpower    Madhya 20.253
  icchā-śakti—the potency of will    Antya 5.150
  icchā-jale—by the water of His wish    Adi 11.6
  icchā-jñāna-kriyā—thinking, feeling, willing, knowledge and activity    Madhya 20.254
  icchā-maya—free to act according to Your desire    Antya 11.29
  icchā-mātre—just by desire    Antya 11.96
  icchā-pidhānam—which covers all desirable things    SB 5.19.27
  icchā-rūpeṇa—according to the desire of the devotee.    SB 5.7.9
  iṅhāra icchā—his desire    Madhya 17.16
  mora icchā haya—I wish    Madhya 18.86
  paṇḍitera icchā—the desire of Jagadānanda Paṇḍita    Antya 12.111
  prabhura icchā—the Lord's desire    Madhya 8.130-131
  prabhura icchā—the wish of the Lord    Antya 9.112
  sabākāra icchā—everyone's desire    Madhya 16.284
  sabāra icchā haila—everyone desired.    Antya 10.107
  sva-icchā—by His own supreme will    SB 4.8.57
  sva-icchā-bhūtaiḥ—all appearing by Your personal sweet will    SB 8.5.46
  tomāra icchā—Your desire    Madhya 7.40
  tomāra icchā—Your will    Antya 13.13
  tomāra icchā-mātre—simply by your desire    Madhya 15.171
  tomāra ye icchā—whatever is Your desire    Antya 2.135
  tāra icchā—his desire    Antya 9.73
  ye icchā—whatever desire    Madhya 3.172
  ye tomāra icchā—whatever You like    Madhya 18.154
  yei icchā—whatever You desire    Madhya 17.8
  yāhāṅ icchā—wherever he likes    Madhya 10.65
  ācāryera icchā—the wish of Advaita Ācārya    Madhya 3.92

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