Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: ibha

  ibha—Kuvalayapida    SB 2.7.34-35
  ibha—on an elephant    SB 7.13.41
  ibha—by elephants    SB 9.10.20
  ibha—elephants    Madhya 17.1
  ibha—of elephants    Antya 18.25

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: ibha

  dik-ibha-indra-pattam—as the ornamental cloth covering the elephant that conquers the directions    SB 9.11.21
  dik-ibha-jayinah—who are victorious in all directions    SB 5.14.40
  ibha-bhagna—broken by the giant elephants    SB 1.6.12
  ibha-indra—the king of elephants    SB 4.8.79
  ibha-indra—of the elephant    SB 8.2.29
  ibha-kaya-nibhanam—and which are as large as the bodies of elephants    SB 5.16.19
  ibha-yonya—in this birth as an elephant    SB 8.3.25