Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: hrt

  hrt—of the heart    SB 3.9.11, SB 3.25.25, Adi 1.60, Adi 3.111, Madhya 22.86, Madhya 23.16
  hrt—the heart    SB 1.15.27, SB 3.12.11, SB 4.9.2, SB 10.6.22-23
  hrt—heart    SB 2.2.10, SB 4.6.47, SB 4.29.18-20
  hrt—in the heart    SB 4.23.14, Antya 4.64
  hrt—with the heart    Madhya 6.261, Antya 9.77
  hrt—within the heart    SB 4.9.33
  hrt—whose hearts    SB 10.6.15-17

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: hrt

  akhila-bhuta-hrt-sthitah—because He is antaryami, situated everywhere, in the core of everyone’s heart    SB 10.12.25
  hrt-saya—by sex desires    SB 3.14.8
  hrt-saya—of lusty desires within the heart    SB 6.1.61
  hrt-sayena—lusty desires within the mind of Ravana    SB 9.10.10
  hrt-sayan—material desires.    SB 1.6.22
  hrt-isvaram—to the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the Supersoul within the heart.    SB 7.7.37
  hrt-gatah—in the core of the heart    SB 7.13.22
  hrt-padma-karnika—the whorl of the lotus flower of the heart    SB 4.8.50
  hrt-padmesu—in the lotus hearts    SB 3.32.11
  hrt-pateh—of the Lord of the heart.    SB 1.3.35
  hrt-pritau—satisfaction of the heart    Madhya 14.197
  hrt-roga—the disease of the heart    Antya 5.45-46
  hrt-rogam—the disease of the heart    Antya 5.48
  hrt-rujam—the pains within the core of the heart    SB 6.14.52
  hrt-sarojah—lotuslike heart    SB 1.15.2
  hrt-saroruham—whose heart, which was like a lotus flower    SB 7.8.31
  hrt-stham—situated in the heart    Bg 4.42
  hrt-saram—power of endurance    SB 7.3.18
  jata-hrt-sayah—their hearts being filled with lust to enjoy Her.    SB 8.9.2
  klinna-hrt—whose heart was softened due to transcendental ecstasy    SB 7.9.6
  nija-purusa-hrt-likhitena—which is situated in the heart of His own devotee like an engraved picture    SB 5.7.7
  su-hrt—intimate friend    SB 2.7.24
  su-hrt—well-wishing husband    SB 4.28.60
  su-hrt—the friend.    SB 6.4.12
  sadhu-hrt-sayah—stake in the hearts of all honest persons    SB 7.8.51