Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: hrsta

  hrsta—joyfully    SB 4.24.22
  hrsta—pleased    Madhya 6.55

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: hrsta

  hrsta hana—being very pleased.    Madhya 16.192, Antya 12.26
  prema-hrsta—inspired by love of Godhead    Madhya 8.276, Madhya 24.208
  hrsta hana—with great happiness.    Antya 13.74
  hrsta-manasah—greatly pacified in mind    SB 4.21.45
  hrsta-manasau—being very much pleased    SB 10.8.22
  hrsta-roma—with his bodily hairs standing on end due to his great ecstasy    Bg 11.14
  hrsta-tanuruhah—the hairs on whose body were standing in jubilation.    SB 9.14.17-18