Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: hrdi

  hṛdi—in the heart    Bg 8.12, Bg 13.18, Bg 15.15, SB 1.8.48, SB 1.9.42, SB 1.10.30, SB 2.2.20, SB 2.4.22, SB 3.9.30, SB 3.15.46 (and more...)
  hṛdi—within the heart    SB 1.1.2, SB 1.13.27, SB 1.15.44, SB 3.13.48, SB 3.15.39, SB 4.9.19, SB 4.22.37, SB 8.7.33, SB 8.20.25-29, SB 8.24.38 (and more...)
  hṛdi—within the core of the heart    SB 7.9.6, SB 7.10.7, SB 7.10.35, SB 7.15.32-33, SB 8.3.27, SB 9.3.31, SB 9.4.25, SB 10.3.37-38
  hṛdi—on the heart.    SB 3.28.5, SB 6.8.4-6
  hṛdi—in his heart    SB 4.6.6, SB 8.24.52
  hṛdi—in the core of the heart    SB 6.11.5, SB 9.11.19
  hṛdi—within my heart    SB 1.6.16
  hṛdi—upon the heart    SB 1.6.19
  hṛdi—heart    SB 1.15.18
  hṛdi—within one's heart.    SB 2.8.4
  hṛdi—from the heart    SB 3.12.26
  hṛdi—in my heart    SB 3.24.34
  hṛdi—the heart.    SB 4.8.36
  hṛdi—core of the heart    SB 7.7.38
  hṛdi—in consciousness or in the heart    SB 8.3.1
  antaḥ-hṛdi—within the core of the heart    SB 6.3.16, SB 6.4.27-28
  hṛdi hṛdi—in each of the hearts    Adi 2.21, Adi 2.21
  bhakta-hṛdi-sthābhyām—which are always thought of by pure devotees, in whose heart the Lord is therefore situated constantly    SB 10.6.37-38
  hṛdi antaḥ sthaḥ—within one's heart    SB 1.2.17
  hṛdi avedinaḥ—can remember very little in the heart.    SB 3.10.21
  hṛdi baddha-kāmaiḥ—with hearts full of all sorts of material desires    SB 3.9.12
  hṛdi kṛtam—who entered the heart    Adi 4.153
  hṛdi kṛtvā—keeping in the heart    SB 1.13.60
  hṛdi spṛśaḥ—dear to the core of the heart    Madhya 23.25
  hṛdi sthitaḥ—residing in the heart    SB 3.5.4
  hṛdi-spṛśaḥ—that which is situated within the core of one’s heart    SB 5.14.43
  hṛdi-spṛśaḥ—dear to the core of the heart    Antya 6.137
  hṛdi-stham—situated in the heart    SB 1.9.10
  hṛdi-sthān—from the core of his heart    SB 3.10.3
  nārāyaṇa-hṛdi—on the heart of Nārāyaṇa    Antya 20.60
  sva-hṛdi—in his own heart    SB 3.29.25
  sva-hṛdi—in the core of the heart    SB 9.9.46

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