Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: hrdayena

  hådayena—within the heart    SB 4.8.58, SB 4.17.17, SB 5.5.35
  hådayena—with a heart    SB 3.23.49, SB 4.26.19
  hådayena—most intimate    SB 1.14.44
  hådayena—by the heart and soul    SB 1.15.20
  hådayena—living energy    SB 3.6.9
  hådayena—by the heart    SB 4.3.19
  hådayena—because his heart    SB 4.12.42
  hådayena—from My heart    SB 5.5.20

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: hrdayena

  vyathita-hådayena—by a disturbed mind    SB 5.14.21