Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: hrdayah

  hṛdayaḥ—his heart    SB 3.28.34, SB 3.30.6, SB 3.30.19, SB 3.30.21, SB 4.12.18, SB 5.8.11, SB 9.22.21-24
  hṛdayaḥ—whose heart    SB 5.8.13, SB 5.8.26
  hṛdayaḥ—at heart    SB 1.4.27
  hṛdayaḥ—heart    SB 1.14.24
  hṛdayaḥ—the core of whose heart    SB 5.24.3
  hṛdayaḥ—the heart    Madhya 24.157
  hṛdayāḥ—whose hearts    SB 5.18.22
  anukrośa-hṛdayaḥ—very kindhearted    SB 4.24.32
  apahṛta-hṛdayaḥ—whose consciousness is taken away    SB 5.14.28
  baddha-hṛdayaḥ—being very attached    SB 6.1.25
  durmarṣa-hṛdayaḥ—hardhearted    SB 4.4.30
  grasta-hṛdayaḥ—My heart is controlled    SB 9.4.63
  gṛhīta-hṛdayaḥ—His heart being attracted    SB 5.3.2
  karṇa-mūla-hṛdayaḥ—whose ear and heart.    SB 5.14.11
  klidyamāna-antaḥ-hṛdayaḥ—being softened within the core of his heart    SB 5.17.2
  kṛṣṇa-hṛdayāḥ—persons who always bear Lord Kṛṣṇa in their hearts    SB 1.9.47
  nija-jana-anukampita-hṛdayaḥ—whose heart is always filled with mercy for His devotees    SB 5.24.27
  nirbaddha-hṛdayāḥ—firmly attached in the core of the heart    SB 9.4.66
  pūrṇa-hṛdayaḥ—satisfied fully    Madhya 24.348
  vitrasta-hṛdayaḥ—being afraid in the heart    SB 5.14.29
  ākula-hṛdayaḥ—whose heart becomes engrossed    SB 5.14.28

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