Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: hiranya

  hiraṇya—gold    SB 3.8.30, SB 4.24.37, SB 5.26.19
  hiraṇya—Hiraṇya    Madhya 16.217, Antya 3.166, Antya 3.174
  hiraṇya—of the name Hiraṇya    Adi 10.70
  hiraṇya—of gold    Antya 1.139
  hiraṇya-aṇḍa-samudbhavaḥ—his material body was created from Hiraṇyagarbha.    SB 5.20.44
  hiraṇya-dāsa—Hiraṇya Majumadāra    Antya 3.208
  hiraṇya-dāsa—the uncle of Raghunātha dāsa Gosvāmī    Antya 6.18
  hiraṇya-dāsa palāila—Hiraṇya dāsa fled    Antya 6.20
  hiraṇya-garbha—of the name Hiraṇyagarbha    Adi 5.106
  hiraṇya-garbham—Lord Brahmā    SB 5.1.9
  hiraṇya-garbhaḥ—Lord Brahmā    SB 5.19.13
  hiraṇya-garbhaḥ—known as Hiraṇyagarbha    SB 5.20.44
  hiraṇya-garbhaḥ—the one who keeps the universe within his abdomen    SB 7.3.32
  hiraṇya-garbhaḥ—the hiraṇyagarbha manifestation    Adi 2.53
  hiraṇya-garbhera—of the total of the living entities    Adi 2.51
  hiraṇya-kaśipoḥ—of Hiraṇyakaśipu    Antya 16.52
  hiraṇya-keśaḥ—having golden hair    SB 3.18.7
  hiraṇya-keśaḥ—golden hair    SB 3.24.17
  hiraṇya-keśaḥ—hair colored like gold    Madhya 20.333
  hiraṇya-ṣṭhīvaḥ—Hiraṇyaṣṭhīva    SB 5.20.3-4
  hiraṇya-puravāsinaḥ—Hiraṇya-puravāsīs    SB 5.24.30
  hiraṇya-raśanam—tied with a gold chain    SB 4.19.19
  hiraṇya-raśanaḥ—a garment like gold    SB 4.7.20
  hiraṇya-retasaḥ—to the original fire.    SB 6.9.42
  hiraṇya-retaḥ—Hiraṇyaretā    SB 5.1.25
  jagadīśa-hiraṇya—of the names Jagadīśa and Hiraṇya    Adi 14.39

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