Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: hindu

  hindu—Hindus    Adi 17.194, Adi 17.203
  hindu—the Hindus    Adi 17.195, Adi 17.196
  hindu—Hindu    Adi 17.159
  hindu haile—if I was born in a Hindu family    Madhya 16.182
  hindu-cara—the Hindu spy    Madhya 16.162-163
  hindu-śāstre—in the scriptures of the Hindus    Adi 17.212
  hindu-dharma—the religious principles of the Hindus    Adi 17.174
  hindu-gaṇa—the Hindus.    Adi 17.201-202
  hindu-kule—in the family of a Hindu    Madhya 16.181
  hindu-veśa dhari—accepting the dress of a Hindu    Madhya 16.178

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