Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: hetave

  hetave—the root cause.    SB 1.17.28
  hetave—for the sake of    SB 3.32.5
  hetave—to cause.    SB 7.1.42
  hetave—for the purpose of    SB 8.1.14
  hetave—the original cause.    SB 8.16.30

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: hetave

  kula-daiva-hetave—for the good fortune of the dynasty    SB 9.5.9
  naraka-hetave—for going to hell.    SB 9.10.28
  sarva-pratyaya-hetave—who is the solution to all doubts (and without whose help one cannot solve all doubts and inabilities)    SB 8.3.14
  sukha-hetave—for happiness    SB 3.30.2
  yoga-hetave—the original master of all mystic power.    SB 8.16.33