Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: hetavah

  hetavah—causes.    Bg 18.15, SB 4.22.9, SB 6.3.4, SB 6.4.45
  hetavah—causes    SB 1.5.34, SB 4.1.16, SB 4.8.28
  hetavah—the causes    SB 3.9.16, SB 3.12.21, SB 8.24.29
  hetavah—due to the cause of    SB 1.10.6
  hetavah—the original causes    SB 5.25.9

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: hetavah

  jnana-hetavah—very learned persons who preach all over the world.    SB 6.15.12-15
  nasa-hetavah—having the definite purpose of killing Them.    SB 10.11.23
  phala-hetavah—those desiring fruitive action.    Bg 2.49
  priti-hetavah—sources of pleasure.    SB 6.14.13
  sakala-loka-sthiti-hetavah—the causes of the maintenance of the different planets within the universe.    SB 5.20.39
  tulya-ayasa-hetavah—who made an equal endeavor    SB 8.8.39-40
  arti-hetavah—the cause of all inauspiciousness.    SB 3.17.4