Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: hema

  hema—gold    SB 3.14.46, SB 3.15.20, Adi 4.164, Madhya 6.279
  hema—golden    SB 3.17.17, SB 8.8.10, Antya 1.92
  hema—gold.    Madhya 14.165, Madhya 15.119
  hema—very cold    SB 8.2.25
  hema—with gold    Antya 19.95
  hema-aṅgaḥ—whose body was like molten gold    Adi 3.49, Madhya 10.170
  dagdha hema—molten gold.    Adi 4.209
  hema-abja—of white lotus flowers    Antya 18.92
  hema-abja—white lotus flowers    Antya 18.94
  hema-abje—with the white lotus flowers    Antya 18.94
  hema-aṅgada-lasat-bāhuḥ—decorated with golden bangles on his arms    SB 8.15.8-9
  hema-aṅgaḥ—having a body like molten gold    Madhya 6.104
  hema-bhūṣaṇam—decorated with ornaments of gold    SB 8.11.30
  hema-bhāra—volumes of gold    Madhya 6.171
  hema-jaḍi—set in gold    Adi 13.113
  hema-jāla-akṣa—from dainty little windows made of networks of gold    SB 8.15.19
  hema-kalaśaiḥ—with golden waterpots    SB 9.11.27
  hema-kumbha—golden waterpots on the domes    SB 9.10.17
  hema-kumbhaiḥ—with gold pinnacles    SB 3.23.18
  hema-kāraḥ—the expert who knows about gold    SB 7.7.21
  hema-latā—a golden creeper    SB 8.8.18
  hema-ma ya—golden    Madhya 13.19
  hema-mayam—possessing the luster of gold    SB 7.4.4
  hema-mālī—with a golden garland    SB 4.13.36
  hema-mālinām—decorated with garlands of gold    SB 10.1.31-32
  hema-toraṇaiḥ—with gates of gold.    SB 3.23.19
  hema-tālābhaiḥ—like golden palm trees    SB 4.10.18-19
  hema-ādīni—such as gold    SB 6.16.6
  jāmbū-nada hema—the golden particles found in the Jāmbū River    Antya 20.62
  jāmbū-nada-hema—gold from the Jāmbū River    Madhya 2.43
  maṇi-hema-ketubhiḥ—with flags made with pearls and gold    SB 8.15.20
  niṣadhaḥ hema-kūṭaḥ himālayaḥ—three mountains named Niṣadha, Hemakūṭa and Himālaya    SB 5.16.9
  tapta-hema—molten gold    SB 4.24.24-25
  tapta-hema—as molten gold    Adi 3.41
  tapta-hema-avadātena—with a luster like that of molten gold    SB 8.6.3-7
  tapta-hema-ābhaḥ—whose bodily luster became like molten gold    SB 7.3.23
  tāra-hema—of pearls and gold    SB 4.6.27

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