Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: havih

  haviḥ—clarified butter    SB-4.21.40, SB 9.18.11
  haviḥ—butter    Bg 4.24
  haviḥ—the oblations    SB 3.16.8
  haviḥ—offering of clarified butter    SB 4.7.45
  haviḥ—pure sacrificial ingredients    SB 5.2.13
  haviḥ—Havi    SB 5.4.11-12
  haviḥ—oblations    SB 5.19.26
  haviḥ-bhāgān—the portions of the oblations    SB 7.4.15
  haviḥ-śeṣam—remnants of the offering    SB 6.19.8
  haviḥ-dhānīm—the kāmadhenu    SB 9.15.26
  haviḥ-dughāḥ—because they supply milk, from which clarified butter is obtained for the offering of sacrifice.    SB 10.4.40

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