Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: haste

  haste—in the hands    SB 2.7.16, SB 10.11.20, Adi 5.190, Adi 16.65, Madhya 1.261, Madhya 12.100
  haste—on the hand    SB 4.15.9-10
  haste—by the hand    SB 10.9.11
  haste—with his hand    Madhya 13.93
  haste—the hands    Antya 18.91

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: haste

  sva-haste—with His own hand    Madhya 16.45, Antya 5.17, Antya 5.17, Antya 5.18, Antya 8.28
  sri-haste—with His transcendental hands    Madhya 11.115, Antya 11.68, Antya 11.104
  sri-haste—with His hands    Madhya 7.7-8, Madhya 11.132
  sri-haste—by His own transcendental hand    Madhya 11.199, Antya 6.298
  sri-haste—by His own hand    Madhya 12.79, Madhya 12.80
  sri-haste—with His own hand    Madhya 12.99, Madhya 12.199
  sva-haste—by His own hand    Madhya 8.193, Madhya 13.29
  sata-haste—with one hundred hands    Madhya 12.115
  sri-haste—by the hand of Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu    Madhya 13.30
  sri-haste—by the spiritual hand    Madhya 20.55
  sri-haste—in His own hand    Antya 6.98
  sri-haste—in the transcendental hands    Antya 11.82
  daksina-haste—on the palm of the right hand    SB 9.20.24-26
  dhanuh-bana haste—with arrows and bow in hand    Madhya 24.235
  dui haste—in two hands    Adi 17.14
  mrdu-haste—by His soft hand    Adi 14.45
  svarupera haste—in the hands of Svarupa Damodara    Antya 6.204
  taranga-haste—by the waves of the Yamuna, which are compared to hands    Antya 18.91
  tomara haste—by your hands    Antya 12.132
  vetra-haste—with a cane in the hands    Madhya 16.112
  urdhva-haste—raising the hand    Madhya 11.201