Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: hasta

  hasta—hands    SB 4.29.4, Adi 5.100-101, Adi 5.185, Adi 6.38, Madhya 7.37, Madhya 11.6, Madhya 14.22, Madhya 14.135
  hasta—hand    Adi 12.25, Madhya 12.148, Madhya 13.91, Madhya 20.222
  hasta—like hands    SB 4.9.6
  hasta—of His hand    SB 4.20.22
  hasta—from the hands    SB 7.8.26
  hasta—Hasta    SB 9.24.49
  hasta—cubits    Adi 3.42
  hasta—the hands    Madhya 2.13
  hasta—the hand    Madhya 8.284
  hasta—of the hand    Madhya 13.97
  hasta—arms    Antya 14.65-66
  hasta-padera—of the hands and legs    Adi 13.113, Madhya 2.12
  śire hasta dhari—keeping His hand on their heads.    Madhya 3.14
  śrī-hasta—his hand    Antya 18.61
  śrī-hasta caraṇa—the palm and the sole    Adi 14.16
  śrī-hasta-sparśe—by the touch of the transcendental hand of Lord Caitanya    Madhya 13.31
  śrī-hasta-yuge—with His two arms    Madhya 13.117
  hasta dharilā—caught the hand    Antya 6.204
  hasta diyā—placing His hand.    Madhya 11.137
  hasta diyā—keeping His hand.    Madhya 15.273
  hasta diyā—putting their hands    Antya 2.126
  hasta hāle—my hands tremble    Antya 20.93
  hasta tuli—raising the arms    Madhya 13.120
  hasta tuli—raising His hands    Antya 12.128
  hasta-agrāhye—when the destination is out of the reach of His hands    SB 10.8.30
  hasta-grāhaḥ—he who accepted my hand    SB 9.18.20-21
  hasta-grāhaḥ—husband    SB 9.18.22
  hasta-gṛhīta-padmayā—taking a lotus flower in the hand    SB 4.8.23
  hasta-muktaḥ—freed from the clutches of the Lord    SB 7.8.27
  hasta-pada—the arms and legs    Antya 17.16
  hasta-pada—arm and leg    Antya 18.52
  hasta-pada-aṅguli—fingers and toes    Antya 3.210
  hasta-pāda—arms and legs    Antya 14.65-66
  hasta-pāda—the arms and legs    Antya 17.21
  hasta-pādau—hands and legs    SB 4.29.15
  hasta-sthām—while still in the hand of Bali    SB 8.10.43
  hasta-trayam—three cubits    SB 8.24.19
  hasta-yuga—His two arms    Madhya 13.51
  hasta-yuktānām—of the animals with hands, like the tigers    SB 6.4.9
  pada-hasta—legs and hands    Madhya 13.107
  sva-hasta—own hand    Antya 6.301
  sva-hasta-cālane—moving His own hand.    Madhya 21.135

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