Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: hasam

  hasam—smiling    SB 3.15.44, Antya 1.154
  hasam—the smile    SB 3.28.32

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: hasam

  atta-hasam—loud laughter    SB 7.8.28
  maha-atta-hasam—a greatly fearful laugh    SB 5.9.18
  maha-atta-hasam—great and fearful laughing    SB 6.8.14
  sa-vilasa-hasam—with smiles of enjoyment    SB 9.24.65
  sa-vilasa-hasam—smiling with an enjoying spirit    Madhya 21.123
  sa-vrida-hasam—smiling with shyness    SB 8.8.17
  udha-hasam—overtaken by laughter    SB 2.7.25