Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: haram

  haram—who dispels    SB 3.20.25
  haram—Lord Śiva.    SB 6.17.12
  hāram—a pearl necklace    SB 4.9.38
  hāram—necklace    SB 4.15.16
  hāram—garland or necklace    SB 8.8.16
  hāram—the activities of the Lord, which should be heard and kept on the neck as a garland    SB 10.7.1-2
  agha-haram—neutralizing the effect of sinful life    SB 6.2.14
  aghaugha-haram—who takes away everything inauspicious from the devotee    Madhya 25.140
  guñjā-hāram—the garland of conchshells    Antya 6.327
  jarā-mṛtyu-harām—which can counteract invalidity, old age and death    SB 8.9.21
  manaḥ-haram—beautiful    SB 4.24.23
  manaḥ-harām—which are so beautiful    Adi 14.5
  prapanna-ārti-haram—who can mitigate all the distresses of a sheltered devotee    SB 8.7.22
  pāpa-haram—suitable for destroying all sinful reactions    SB 6.4.21
  sarva-pāpa-haram—vanquishes the reactions of sinful activities    SB 9.23.18-19
  sattva-haram—that which deteriorates the good qualities    SB 1.1.22

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