Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: harah

  haraḥ—Lord Śiva    SB 2.6.32, SB 4.24.16, SB 5.24.17, SB 7.10.67, SB 9.14.6, Madhya 20.318, Madhya 21.37
  haraḥ—Lord Śiva.    SB 4.25.1, SB 8.12.34
  haraḥ—Vīrabhadra    SB 4.5.23
  haraḥ—who removes    SB 4.10.30
  harāḥ—thieves    SB 3.18.11
  harāḥ—counteracters of    SB 3.25.24
  kaumāra-haraḥ—the thief of my heart during youth    Madhya 1.58, Madhya 13.121, Antya 1.78
  bali-hārāḥ—who are obedient to the worship    SB 7.3.7
  kara-hāraḥ—tax collector    SB 4.20.14
  manaḥ-haraḥ—attractive to the mind.    SB 1.10.20
  manaḥ-harāḥ—attractive    SB 1.5.26
  manaḥ-harāḥ—bewildering the minds.    SB 4.10.18-19
  prapanna-ārti-haraḥ—one who drives away all kinds of dangers    SB 4.24.26
  prāṇa-haraḥ—who will kill me    SB 10.2.20
  pāpa-haraḥ—reducing all sinful activities    SB 4.1.46-47
  sarva-haraḥ—all-devouring    Bg 10.34
  vāji-haraḥ—the horse thief    SB 9.8.9-10

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