Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: hara

  hara—Lord Siva    SB 1.2.23, SB 2.7.39
  hara—necklaces    SB 4.12.20, Madhya 14.130
  hara—necklace    SB 4.24.47-48, SB 5.3.3
  hara—please take away    SB 6.8.26
  hara—just dissipate    SB 6.14.57
  hara—please diminish    SB 10.2.40
  hara—the attractor.    Madhya 8.143
  hara—kindly take away    Madhya 20.299
  hara—and Lord Siva    Madhya 21.36
  hara—plunder    Antya 15.16
  hara—vanquishing    Antya 16.119
  hara—You take away    Antya 16.133
  hara—pearl necklace    SB 3.28.15
  hara—of pearl necklaces    SB 3.28.25
  hara—with garlands    SB 4.10.18-19
  hara—and of garlands    SB 8.12.19
  hara—with flower garlands    SB 10.5.11
  hara—become defeated    Madhya 10.174
  hara—of a necklace    Antya 15.63

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: hara

  mukta-hara—a necklace of pearls    Madhya 21.109, Antya 15.66
  arti-hara—to relieve distress    SB 1.8.43
  citta-hara—the enchanter of the mind    Madhya 2.68
  hara-dvisah—envious of Lord Siva.    SB 4.2.25
  hara-vat—like that of Hara (Mahadeva)    SB 2.7.24
  hara-gana—necklaces.    Adi 13.112
  hara-nupura—with a necklace on the chest and ankle bells on the legs    SB 8.6.3-7
  loka-arti-hara—vanquisher of the distress of the devotees    SB 3.8.27
  mada-hara—intoxicating power    Antya 15.22
  manah-hara—very beautiful.    Adi 15.4
  mura-hara—O killer of the demon Mura    Madhya 22.6
  nara-hara—O Lord in the form of Nrsimha    SB 7.8.52
  ratna-hara—pearl necklaces    Madhya 6.256
  ama-pitta-hara—which removes mucus caused by too much bile    Antya 10.23