Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: hana

  hañā—becoming    Adi 2.118, Adi 5.104, Adi 9.12, Adi 12.26, Adi 12.40, Adi 13.21, Adi 13.86, Adi 13.118, Adi 14.43, Adi 14.91 (and more...)
  hañā—being    Adi 3.6, Adi 4.198, Adi 11.9, Adi 13.44, Adi 16.42, Adi 17.197, Madhya 3.109, Madhya 3.134, Madhya 4.173, Madhya 4.212 (and more...)
  hañā—becoming.    Adi 15.16, Adi 17.247, Madhya 1.67, Madhya 1.168, Madhya 1.185, Madhya 4.90, Madhya 5.11, Madhya 5.111, Madhya 6.4, Madhya 7.139 (and more...)
  hañā—being.    Adi 3.12, Madhya 5.132, Madhya 6.218, Madhya 9.241, Madhya 12.47, Madhya 16.238, Madhya 22.159, Antya 5.153, Antya 6.184, Antya 6.201 (and more...)
  hana—is    Adi 1.45, Adi 4.90, Adi 17.301, Madhya 10.13, Madhya 11.101, Madhya 15.135, Madhya 22.165, Antya 5.148, Antya 19.14
  hañā—becoming so    Adi 9.50, Madhya 11.152
  hana—becomes    Adi 6.16, Madhya 13.64
  haṅa—to become    Madhya 18.86
  hañā—so doing    Adi 8.13
  hañā—thus being.    Adi 17.79
  hañā—making    Madhya 5.92
  hañā—having become    Madhya 20.288
  hañā—as if becoming    Antya 1.105
  daṇḍavat hañā—offering obeisances    Madhya 11.150, Madhya 11.162, Madhya 15.255, Madhya 17.155, Madhya 21.80, Antya 2.146, Antya 3.131
  kruddha hañā—becoming angry    Adi 5.169, Madhya 3.94, Madhya 13.96, Madhya 19.24, Antya 12.33
  guṇa-ākṛṣṭa hañā—being attracted by the transcendental qualities    Madhya 24.111, Madhya 24.119, Madhya 24.168
  hañā sa-daya—being merciful.    Antya 4.189, Antya 6.49, Antya 6.132
  kruddha hañā—being angry    Adi 12.69, Madhya 14.131, Antya 3.159
  prema-āviṣṭa hañā—being absorbed in ecstatic love    Madhya 16.279, Madhya 17.158, Antya 20.138
  tuṣṭa hañā—being pleased    Madhya 3.149, Antya 4.128, Antya 8.30
  vairāgī hañā—being in the renounced order    Antya 6.224, Antya 6.225, Antya 8.16
  ānandita hañā—in great jubilation.    Madhya 11.209, Antya 11.16, Antya 11.75
  guru hañā—becoming a spiritual master    Madhya 7.128, Antya 19.81
  hṛṣṭa hañā—being very pleased.    Madhya 16.192, Antya 12.26
  jīva hañā—being an ordinary living entity    Antya 18.23, Antya 20.80
  kruddha hañā—becoming very angry    Antya 3.193, Antya 4.157
  matta hañā—becoming maddened    Madhya 15.278, Madhya 18.19
  matta hañā—becoming mad.    Madhya 17.44, Madhya 17.162
  mūrcchita hañā—fainting    Madhya 16.142, Madhya 19.242
  pāra hañā—crossing    Madhya 8.12, Antya 6.185
  uttama hañā—although being very exalted    Antya 20.22, Antya 20.25
  āviṣṭa hañā—being overwhelmed    Madhya 5.6, Madhya 16.183
  acetana hañā—being unconscious    Madhya 12.144
  adhomukha hañā—looking down.    Madhya 13.165
  ajña hañā—although being ignorant    Antya 5.161
  ajitendriya hañā—being mad after sense gratification    Antya 9.88
  anugata hañā—following in the footsteps    Madhya 9.133
  anāsakta hañā—being without attachment.    Madhya 16.243
  ati dīna hañā—being very humble.    Madhya 19.66
  avatīrṇa hañā—descending    Madhya 21.77
  bahu mūrti hañā—becoming many forms.    Madhya 20.284
  bahu-mūrti hañā—taking multifarious forms.    Adi 5.94
  bhrama hañā gela—I was mistaken    Madhya 15.60
  bhāva-āviṣṭa hañā—being overwhelmed by ecstatic love    Antya 20.63
  brahma-vit hañā—being fully aware of Brahman    Antya 8.21
  brahmā hañā—appearing as Brahmā    Adi 5.103
  bāhira hañā—coming out    Madhya 17.188
  bāula hañā—becoming mad    Antya 19.9
  camakita hañā—being astonished.    Antya 18.33
  choṭa hañā—being junior    Madhya 11.140
  cintita hañā—becoming very anxious    Madhya 12.11
  śiṣya hañā—being a disciple    Antya 8.20
  śreṣṭha hañā—being a more honorable person    Madhya 25.73
  śānta hañā—being pacified    Madhya 14.213
  śānta hañā yāya—will be decreased.    Antya 12.106
  daśa-mūrti hañā—expanding into ten forms    Madhya 14.251
  daṇḍavat hañā—like a stick    Madhya 9.320
  daṇḍavat hañā—falling flat like logs    Antya 1.109
  daṇḍavat hañā—flat like rods    Antya 4.17
  daṇḍavat hañā—falling flat like a rod    Antya 6.46
  daraveśa hañā—becoming a mendicant    Madhya 20.13
  dīna hañā—most humbly    Madhya 19.52
  dhairya hañā—becoming calm    Madhya 16.171
  duḥkhī hañā—becoming very unhappy    Adi 7.49
  duḥkhī hañā—being very much unhappy    Madhya 17.123
  duḥkhī hañā—being unhappy    Antya 1.23
  duḥkhita hañā—being unhappy    Antya 7.92
  dāsī hañā—becoming a maidservant    Antya 20.56
  eka-mana hañā—with rapt attention    Madhya 2.44
  eka-manā hañā—with great attention    Antya 2.30
  eka-rūpa hañā—being one form    Antya 5.149
  ekatra hañā—being together    Madhya 10.88
  ekākī hañā—being alone    Madhya 16.274
  guṇa-ākṛṣṭa hañā—thus being attracted by the qualities of Kṛṣṇa    Madhya 24.114
  guṇa-ākṛṣṭa hañā—being attracted by the transcendental qualities of Kṛṣṇa    Madhya 24.130
  guru hañā—being the spiritual master    Madhya 17.170
  gṛhastha hañā—being a householder    Antya 5.80
  haṁsa-cakravāka hañā—becoming swans or cakravāka birds    Madhya 25.275
  hañā acetana—becoming unconscious.    Antya 17.12
  hañā parasanne—being very pleased with Me.    Madhya 16.277
  hañā prīta—being very pleased    Antya 3.260
  hañā sa-daya—being very kind    Antya 3.237
  hañā sadaya—being merciful.    Antya 3.239
  hañā tat-para—being intent    Antya 2.57
  hañā tatpara—with great attention.    Antya 10.40
  hañā unmatta—like a madman    Madhya 18.121-122
  hañā vismaya—becoming astonished    Madhya 16.174
  hañā vismaya—being struck with wonder    Madhya 17.161
  hañā vismita—being astonished.    Antya 6.71
  hañā vismite—being very astonished    Antya 17.56
  hañā yāya—there is.    Antya 10.19
  haraṣita hañā—being pleased.    Madhya 3.113
  haraṣita hañā—becoming very pleased.    Madhya 6.29
  haraṣita hañā—being very much pleased.    Madhya 9.173
  haraṣita hañā—with great pleasure.    Madhya 11.207
  hṛṣṭa hañā—with great happiness.    Antya 13.74
  jīva hañā—being a conditioned soul    Madhya 18.224
  khāḍā hañā—standing    Antya 6.221
  kṣudra-jīva hañā—being a very insignificant living entity.    Antya 3.270
  kruddha hañā—being very angry    Madhya 24.237
  kruddha hañā—in an angry mood    Antya 10.92
  kṛṣṇa-guṇa-ākṛṣṭa hañā—being attracted by the transcendental qualities of Kṛṣṇa    Madhya 24.205
  lubdha hañā—being very greedy    Antya 3.262
  lubdha hañā—being greedy    Antya 3.264
  madhya-stha hañā—becoming a mediator    Madhya 10.167
  mahā-muni hañā—becoming great saintly persons    Madhya 24.167
  matta hañā—being mad.    Madhya 17.148
  mleccha hañā—although born in a family of meateaters.    Antya 11.30
  mūrcchita hañā—becoming unconscious    Madhya 7.92
  mūrcchita hañā—fainting.    Madhya 25.184
  mūrti hañā—taking His transcendental form    Adi 14.9
  mālī hañā—although I am the gardener    Adi 9.45
  mālī hañā—becoming a gardener    Madhya 19.152
  māyā-baddha hañā—becoming conditioned by the external energy.    Antya 20.33
  namra hañā—becoming humble    Adi 17.334
  niścinta hañā—without anxiety    Madhya 11.22
  niścinta hañā—being freed from all anxiety    Antya 4.216
  nirastra hañā—being without weapons    Madhya 16.177
  nirgrantha hañā—becoming indifferent to the mystic yoga process.    Madhya 24.167
  nirgrantha hañā—becoming nirgrantha    Madhya 24.226
  nirgranthāḥ hañā—being liberated saintly persons    Madhya 24.222
  nirviṇṇa hañā—being very unhappy.    Antya 6.38
  nivṛtta hañā—stopping such an action    Madhya 16.275
  nivṛtta hañā—being restrained    Madhya 17.23
  paṇḍita hañā—being a learned paṇḍita    Madhya 9.190
  paṇḍita hañā—being a learned scholar.    Madhya 18.100
  paṇḍita hañā—being a learned teacher    Antya 3.15
  paḍe daṇḍa-vat hañā—falls down flat like a rod.    Madhya 24.271
  parasanna hañā—being very pleased.    Madhya 16.91
  prasanna hañā—being pleased    Madhya 17.7
  prasanna hañā—being very pleased    Madhya 20.94
  pratimā hañā—in Your Deity form    Madhya 5.95
  prema matta hañā—being overwhelmed by ecstatic love    Madhya 19.107
  prema-vaśa hañā—being subdued by such love    Antya 2.81
  prema-āviṣṭa hañā—in great ecstatic love.    Madhya 11.54
  prema-āviṣṭa hañā—becoming absorbed in pure love    Madhya 11.150
  prema-āviṣṭa hañā—in the great ecstasy of love.    Madhya 17.155
  prema-āviṣṭa hañā—becoming ecstatic in love    Madhya 18.33
  prema-āviṣṭa hañā—becoming ecstatic in love of Godhead    Madhya 19.73
  prema-āviṣṭa hañā—being overwhelmed by ecstatic love of God    Antya 2.18
  prema-āviṣṭa hañā—being overwhelmed by ecstatic love    Antya 11.90
  premāviṣṭa hañā—becoming overwhelmed by ecstatic love.    Antya 11.59
  prīta hañā—thus being pleased    Madhya 6.55
  prīta hañā—being pleased    Antya 1.97
  prīta hana—becomes satisfied    Antya 6.220
  prāmāṇika hañā—although being a man of authority    Madhya 20.86
  pūrṇatā haya hāna—His completeness becomes damaged.    Madhya 25.33
  pālaka hañā—being a maintainer    Antya 6.28
  pāra hañā—after crossing    Madhya 20.34
  saṅkucita hañā—being ashamed    Madhya 12.118
  sannyāsī hañā—although You are a sannyāsi.    Madhya 17.171
  sannyāsī hañā—being a sannyāsī    Antya 8.44
  santuṣṭa hañā—being very much satisfied    Madhya 1.73
  santuṣṭa hañā—being very satisfied    Antya 10.124
  sara-khela hañā—being the manager    Madhya 15.96
  sei haṅa—I am that    Madhya 8.21
  stabdha hañā—becoming stopped    Madhya 19.160
  sthira hañā—being pacified    Madhya 6.212
  sthira hañā—being patient    Madhya 16.237
  sthira hañā—being without movement    Antya 2.45
  su-stha hañā—becoming steady    Madhya 8.29
  su-sthira hañā—coming to their senses    Madhya 9.322
  su-sthira hañā—being in a peaceful condition.    Antya 12.80
  sukha-āviṣṭa hañā—being absorbed in happiness    Madhya 14.182
  sustha hañā—being revived    Adi 15.17
  sustha hañā—becoming patient    Madhya 17.196
  sustha hañā—coming to consciousness    Madhya 24.263
  sādhvī hañā—being so chaste    Madhya 9.112
  sāri hañā—being in a line    Madhya 16.118
  tomāra haṅa—I am Yours    Madhya 22.33
  tuṣṭa hañā—being very much pleased    Madhya 1.261
  tuṣṭa hañā—with great satisfaction.    Madhya 15.253
  tuṣṭa hañā—being very pleased    Madhya 16.263-264
  tuṣṭa hañā—being very satisfied    Antya 6.222
  tuṣṭa hañā—when He became very happy    Antya 6.293
  udvigna hañā—being very eager.    Madhya 25.177
  udāsīna hañā—being indifferent    Antya 13.118
  ullasita hañā—with great jubilation.    Antya 3.109
  unmatta hañā—he became just like a madman    Madhya 10.104
  unmatta hañā—just like a madman.    Antya 2.18
  uttama hañā—although very respectable    Madhya 13.17
  uttama hañā—being actually superior in every respect    Madhya 16.263-264
  vaiṣṇava hañā—having become devotees of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Kṛṣṇa    Antya 2.11
  vaiṣṇava hañā—being a Vaiṣṇava    Antya 2.95
  veśyā hañā—being a prostitute    Antya 3.132
  vidāya hañā—taking leave    Madhya 12.66
  vimanā hañā—feeling morose    Antya 7.89
  viṣaṇṇa hañā—being very morose.    Antya 12.82
  viṣaṇṇa hañā—being morose    Antya 14.35
  viṣayī hañā—being a pounds-and-shillings man    Antya 5.80
  vinīta hañā—with great humility.    Antya 5.28
  vismita hañā—being astonished    Madhya 15.224
  vismita hañā—becoming surprised    Madhya 21.61
  vismita hañā—becoming struck with wonder    Madhya 24.314
  vyagra hañā—with eagerness    Madhya 14.50
  vyādha hañā—being a hunter    Madhya 24.228
  vyākula hañā—being too much agitated    Madhya 3.120
  vyākula hañā—becoming very anxious.    Madhya 17.22
  vyākula hañā—being disturbed    Antya 12.19
  vyākula hañā—being very agitated    Antya 14.51
  vṛkṣa hañā—becoming a tree    Antya 3.144
  vṛkṣe oṅta hañā—hiding behind a tree    Madhya 24.234
  vṛṣa hañā—becoming a bull    Adi 5.136
  vāmana hañā—being a dwarf    Antya 6.129
  yamunā pāra hañā—crossing the River Yamunā    Madhya 18.66
  yati hañā—being a sannyāsī    Antya 8.85
  yogī hañā—having become a yogī    Antya 14.43
  yoḍa-hāta hañā—with folded hands    Madhya 14.6
  ānandita hañā—being pleased    Madhya 3.202
  ānandita hañā—with great pleasure.    Madhya 9.335
  ānandita hañā—becoming very much pleased    Madhya 11.137
  ānandita hañā—in great happiness    Madhya 17.87
  ānandita hañā—becoming pleased    Madhya 19.85
  ānandita hañā—becoming very glad    Madhya 19.246
  ānandita hañā—becoming greatly happy.    Antya 2.162
  ānandita hañā—becoming very happy    Antya 6.212
  ānandita hañā—being very pleased    Antya 12.91
  ānandita hañā—being very happy.    Antya 18.119
  āviṣṭa hañā—being in great ecstasy    Madhya 9.95
  āviṣṭa hañā—in great ecstasy.    Madhya 13.91
  āviṣṭa hañā—being fully absorbed    Madhya 13.164
  āvirbhūta hañā—appearing    Antya 2.36

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