Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: han

  han—am    Adi 16.103, Madhya 6.56

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: han

  amitra-han—O destroyer of the enemy.    SB 3.23.36-37
  bandhu-han—killer of Your own relatives.    Antya 5.143
  bandhu-han-sabde—by the word "bandhu-han"    Antya 5.145
  satru-han—O killer of the enemy, Vidura    SB 3.24.10
  satru-han—O annihilator of enemies    SB 4.4.24
  satru-han—O slayer of enemies    SB 4.8.2
  satru-han—O killer of enemies.    SB 4.26.17
  vraja-jana-arti-han—O one who diminishes all the painful conditions of the inhabitants of Vrndavana    Adi 6.67
  yajna-han—O destroyer of the sacrifice.    SB 4.6.53