Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: haile

  haile—when there is    Madhya 10.18, Madhya 20.141, Madhya 23.11, Antya 3.114-115, Antya 19.27
  haile—if there is    Madhya 2.43, Madhya 8.102, Madhya 22.134, Antya 4.9
  haile—if it is    Adi 16.86, Madhya 11.4
  haile—when it becomes    Madhya 23.4, Antya 16.59
  haile—there was    Adi 13.89
  haile—have become    Adi 17.147
  haile—when it was    Madhya 4.157
  haile—if there are    Madhya 20.169
  haile—when there was    Antya 3.119
  haile—becoming    Antya 3.241
  haile—after    Antya 6.315
  haile—when becomes    Antya 16.148

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: haile

  bada haile—when he grew to be a young man    Adi 10.156
  bahya haile—when He awakens    Antya 14.38
  catuh-bhuja haile—when He becomes four-handed    Madhya 20.176
  garva curna haile—when pride is cut down    Antya 7.119
  gadha haile—becoming thick    Madhya 19.177
  gadha haile—when it becomes intensified    Madhya 23.13
  haile ha—even if it were    Antya 4.174
  hindu haile—if I was born in a Hindu family    Madhya 16.182
  mana haile—when I think    Antya 4.42
  mana haile—when the mind becomes    Antya 6.278
  mora nidra haile—when I fell asleep    Antya 10.93
  maya-atita haile—when one becomes transcendentally situated above this external energy    Madhya 25.118
  nama purna haile—as soon as the regular chanting is fulfilled    Antya 3.121
  purna haile—when finished    Antya 9.57
  ratri haile—when there was night    Antya 14.40
  samapta haile—when finished    Antya 3.242
  stri-parasa haile—if I had touched a woman    Antya 13.85
  tara sparsa haile—if I touch them    Antya 4.127
  udaya haile—when the sunrise is actually visible    Antya 3.184
  vyagra haile—if becoming agitated    Madhya 3.214
  vyavahita haile—even when improperly uttered    Antya 3.59