Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: gurum

  gurum—the spiritual master    SB 1.2.3, SB 1.19.37, SB 4.2.2, SB 9.14.7
  gurum—spiritual master    SB 1.16.3, SB 7.6.29-30
  gurum—unto the spiritual master    SB 8.15.24, SB 8.20.1
  gurum—the supreme spiritual master    SB-4.21.36, SB 9.20.27
  gurum—his spiritual master, Çukräcärya    SB 9.18.26
  gurum—his spiritual master, Vasiñöha    SB 9.9.23-24
  gurum—unto his guru.    SB 9.1.16
  gurum—you who act as a good advisor to all fallen souls.    SB 8.7.22
  gurum—the teacher or spiritual master    SB 7.14.12
  gurum—the perfect spiritual master    SB 6.7.32
  gurum—the preceptor    SB 5.10.19
  gurum—heavy    SB 4.29.33
  gurum—the instructor    SB 4.29.26-27
  gurum—the supreme spiritual master, Kåñëa.    SB 4.8.44
  gurum—preceptor    SB 4.7.25
  gurum—most worshipable.    SB 3.24.5
  gurum—the master.    SB 2.5.12

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: gurum

  jagat-gurum—who is the spiritual master of everyone    SB 6.16.33
  jagat-gurum—the spiritual master of the whole world    SB 6.17.13
  jagat-gurum—at the lotus feet of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is the universal teacher    SB 8.5.23
  jagat-gurum—the spiritual master and teacher of the whole world.    SB 8.16.20
  jagat-gurum—spiritual master of the world    Adi 9.1
  loka-gurum—to the teacher of the universe    SB 4.2.7
  sarva-loka-gurum—unto the supreme spiritual master of all living beings    SB 7.10.15-17
  sva-gurum—with the spiritual master    SB 3.6.34