Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: guru

  guru—the spiritual master    Bg 17.14, SB 6.1.56-57, SB 7.12.2, Adi 1.20, Adi 1.32, Adi 1.45, Adi 1.58, Adi 12.14, Madhya 8.128, Madhya 9.60 (and more...)
  guru—spiritual master    SB 3.7.38, SB 4.22.62, SB 7.13.35, Adi 1.37, Adi 1.44, Adi 3.94, Adi 5.135, Adi 6.30, Adi 6.40, Madhya 6.59 (and more...)
  guru—of the spiritual master    SB 5.9.6, Madhya 19.151, Madhya 20.119, Madhya 22.47, Madhya 24.137, Madhya 25.138
  guru—My spiritual master    Adi 7.71, Adi 7.82, Madhya 17.170
  guru—Dronacarya    SB 1.15.15, SB 1.15.16
  guru—preceptors    SB 1.8.49
  guru—grave    SB 1.19.22
  guru—heaviness    SB 2.10.23
  guru—momentous    SB 3.16.14
  guru—teacher    Adi 4.124
  guru—great    Adi 4.129
  guru—teachers    Adi 4.210
  guru—to those on the level of the spiritual master    Adi 6.53
  guru—a superior    Adi 6.55-56
  guru—superior teacher    Adi 6.82
  guru—master    Adi 12.16
  guru—of spiritual master    Adi 17.299
  guru—the teacher    Madhya 2.76
  guru—sannyasa-guru    Madhya 6.71
  guru—to the elders    Madhya 23.87-91
  guru—superiors    Madhya 24.290
  guru—superior    Antya 7.25

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: guru

  jagat-guru—the spiritual master of the entire world    Antya 7.21, Antya 7.133, Antya 8.33
  guru hana—becoming a spiritual master    Madhya 7.128, Antya 19.81
  guru-ajna—the order of my spiritual master    Madhya 9.98, Madhya 10.144
  ati-guru-bhojane—because of eating too much    Antya 10.147
  siksa-guru—instructing spiritual masters    Adi 1.37
  siksa-guru—the spiritual master who instructs    Adi 1.58
  siksa-guru-gana—all the instructing spiritual masters    Adi 1.35
  sri-guru—my spiritual master    Antya 20.96-98
  sri-guru—the spiritual master    Antya 20.144-146
  sri-guru-putrah uvaca—the son of Sukracarya, Hiranyakasipuís spiritual master, said    SB 7.5.28
  sastra-guru-atma-rupe—in the form of Vedic literature, the spiritual master and the Supersoul    Madhya 20.123
  deva-guru-acyute—unto the demigods, the spiritual master and Lord Visnu    SB 7.11.23
  guru hana—being the spiritual master    Madhya 17.170
  guru haya—is the spiritual master.    Madhya 15.117
  guru kari—as a spiritual master    Antya 7.133
  guru kari mane—accepts Him as His teacher    Adi 5.147
  guru tenha—he is My spiritual master    Madhya 10.152
  guru upeksa kaile—if one's spiritual master rejects him    Antya 8.99
  guru upadhyayi—my teacher of Vedic instruction    Antya 20.147
  guru-anusiksitam—that which was taught by their teachers.    SB 7.8.1
  guru-arthe—for the sake of keeping the promise of His father    SB 9.10.4
  guru-atikramat—because of disrespecting their guru, Sukracarya    SB 6.7.23
  guru-bhakti—offering respects like a spiritual master    Adi 17.66
  guru-bharam—a great burden    SB 9.24.67
  guru-bhojane—by overeating    Antya 10.19
  guru-buddhye—accepting the elderly brahmana as guru    Madhya 5.34
  guru-buddhye—accepting him as a Godbrother of His spiritual master    Antya 8.46
  guru-buddhye—due to considering him a spiritual master    Antya 8.100
  guru-sikharinam—the hill of the superior relatives    Antya 1.155
  guru-sisya-nyaye—when there is a logical argument between the spiritual master and the disciple    Madhya 10.173
  guru-susrusaya—by rendering service to the bona fide spiritual master    SB 7.7.30-31
  guru-devatan—honoring the father as the Supreme Personality of Godhead    SB 7.4.46
  guru-dara—of the wife of his father    SB 4.12.42
  guru-gana—teachers    Adi 4.271-272
  guru-gehe—in the guru-kula, the place where children are sent to be instructed by the guru    SB 7.5.7
  guru-helanam—disrespect to the spiritual master    SB 6.7.10
  guru-ha—the killer of your guru    SB 6.11.14
  guru-karne—near the ear of your spiritual master    Madhya 9.59
  guru-karne—into the ear of the spiritual master    Madhya 9.61
  guru-kula-vasah—lived at the gurukula    SB 5.4.8
  guru-kule—at the residence of the guru    SB 7.12.1
  guru-kule—under the care of the spiritual master    SB 7.12.13-14
  guru-laghu-bhava—conceptions of high and low    Adi 10.4
  guru-laksana—the symptoms of a bona fide spiritual master    Madhya 24.330
  guru-laghavam—the heaviness or lightness    SB 6.1.8
  guru-matyah—especially when she is pregnant    SB 10.2.21
  guru-mukhi—issued from the mouth of your teacher    SB 7.5.29
  guru-parivara—family of spiritual masters    Adi 13.53
  guru-patnih—Kaikeyi and other stepmothers    SB 9.10.45-46
  guru-putra-uktam—advised by Sanda and Amarka, the sons of Sukracarya    SB 7.5.51
  guru-putram—the son of the martial teacher    SB 1.7.17
  guru-putram—unto the son of Sukracarya, his spiritual master    SB 7.5.25
  guru-putrim—unto the daughter of the guru, Sukracarya    SB 9.18.15
  guru-putrya—with the daughter of the guru, Sukracarya    SB 9.18.6-7
  guru-putryah—of Devayani, the daughter of the guru    SB 9.18.10
  guru-putrabhyam—the sons of Sukracarya    SB 7.6.29-30
  guru-pase—in the care of a spiritual master    Madhya 25.122
  guru-pada-asraya—shelter at the feet of a bona fide spiritual master    Madhya 22.115
  guru-rupe—in the form of the spiritual master    Adi 1.45
  guru-seva—serving the spiritual master    Madhya 24.332
  guru-sneha—whose great affection    Madhya 23.87-91
  guru-stribhih—by the wife of the spiritual master    SB 7.12.8
  guru-sutam—the son of his teacher    SB 1.7.40
  guru-sutam—the side of his spiritual masterís son    SB 9.14.6
  guru-talpa-gah—one who indulges in sex with the wife of his teacher or guru    SB 6.2.9-10
  guru-taran—very important    SB 5.8.10
  guru-tattva—the truth in understanding the spiritual master    Adi 7.3
  guru-tulya—on the level of a superior guardian    Madhya 24.57
  guru-tulya—like a spiritual master    Antya 4.159
  guru-vandanaya—for offering respect to the elderly members    SB 1.13.31
  guru-varga—elders    Adi 5.144-145
  guru-vargera—of the group of respectable predecessors    Adi 3.93
  guru-vrttih vikalpena—to follow the orders of the spiritual master    SB 7.12.11
  guru-vakyena—by the order of his spiritual master    SB 9.8.5-6
  guru-asrayana—accepting a bona fide spiritual master.    Madhya 24.329
  guru-adi—the spiritual master and others    Adi 7.3
  guru-age—before superiors    Antya 16.128
  guru-thani—from his spiritual master    Madhya 10.109
  hari-guru-carana-aravinda—to the lotus feet of the Lord and His devotee    SB 5.14.1
  jagat-guru—a teacher of many disciples    Madhya 6.85-86
  jagat-guru—the spiritual master of the whole world    Madhya 25.72
  mantra-guru—the initiating spiritual master    Adi 1.35
  sakha guru kanta-gana—friends, superiors and beloved damsels    Madhya 24.289
  sarva-guru—everyone's spiritual master    Antya 4.103
  sadhu-guru-prasade—by the mercy of saintly persons and devotees in the transcendental position    Madhya 25.277
  tina-guru—three spiritual masters    Antya 4.236
  tumi jagat-guru—you are the master of all people    Madhya 6.58
  tanra guru—His spiritual master    Adi 12.16
  tanra guru-pase—from his spiritual master    Antya 6.176
  visva-guru—by the teacher of the universe, the Supreme Personality of Godhead    SB 3.15.26
  yata guru-jana—all other similarly superior persons.    Madhya 19.190
  amara guru—my spiritual master    Madhya 18.169
  atmanah guru-mattaya—because of being heavier than he could personally perceive    SB 10.7.27