Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: guroh

  guroh—of the spiritual master    SB 4.3.13, SB 5.11.17, SB 6.7.17, SB 7.12.3, SB 7.12.13-14, SB 9.9.19, Madhya 10.146, Antya 1.162
  guroh—the teacher    SB 1.7.42
  guroh—of the father or spiritual master    SB 2.7.23
  guroh—of the guru    SB 3.24.13
  guroh—the spiritual master    SB 5.1.20
  guroh—master    SB 5.6.16
  guroh—your spiritual master    SB 6.11.15
  guroh—from your teachers    SB 7.5.22
  guroh—of his father    SB 9.7.5-6

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: guroh

  sri-guroh—of my initiating spiritual master or instructing spiritual master    Antya 2.1
  sri-guroh—of my spiritual master    Antya 3.1
  guroh guruh—the spiritual master of all other spiritual masters.    SB 8.24.48
  guroh hitam—only for the benefit of the guru (not for oneís personal benefit)    SB 7.12.1
  jagat-guroh—of the supreme spiritual teacher of the universe    SB 4.4.27
  jagat-guroh—of the supreme master    SB 7.10.70
  jagat-guroh—of Lord Brahma    SB 10.11.50
  parama-guroh—the supreme spiritual master    SB 6.9.43
  parama-guroh—to the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the supreme master    SB 6.16.46