Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: grhita

  gṛhīta—accepted    SB 4.7.25, SB 4.19.24-25, SB 4.30.23, SB 5.1.38, SB 5.4.4, SB 8.18.11, Antya 14.41
  gṛhīta—embraced    Madhya 8.80, Madhya 8.232, Madhya 9.121, Antya 7.29
  gṛhīta—accepting    SB 3.9.23, SB 3.15.5, SB 4.22.4
  gṛhīta—having accepted    SB 2.4.12, SB 2.6.31
  gṛhīta—taken    SB 4.20.19, SB 8.4.8
  gṛhīta—being attracted    SB 2.1.9
  gṛhīta—carrying    SB 3.15.27
  gṛhīta—was assumed    SB 3.18.20
  gṛhīta—assumed    SB 3.19.30
  gṛhīta—received    SB 3.21.49
  gṛhīta—took    SB 5.5.29
  gṛhīta—who is conceived    SB 5.15.6
  gṛhīta—taking up    SB 6.12.4
  gṛhīta—possessing    SB 8.8.39-40
  gṛhīta—taking in hand    SB 8.17.9
  gṛhīta—having taken    Antya 15.51
  gṛhītā—taken    Antya 1.162
  gṛhīta-caraṇaḥ—accepting the lotus feet    SB 3.9.5
  gṛhīta-ceta—the mind became fully taken over    Madhya 24.47
  gṛhīta-cetā—the mind became fully taken over    Madhya 25.157
  gṛhīta-cetāḥ—my mind being captivated    SB 6.18.39
  gṛhīta-deham—has assumed a form like a material body    SB 9.8.24
  gṛhīta-hṛdayaḥ—His heart being attracted    SB 5.3.2
  gṛhīta-kalasaḥ—the Lord, who bore the container of nectar    SB 8.9.21
  gṛhīta-mūrteḥ—who presents different forms    SB 3.28.29
  gṛhīta-pāṇibhiḥ—by the married wives    SB 1.10.28
  gṛhīta-sāraḥ—whose patience is exhausted    SB 5.14.19
  gṛhīta-vajraḥ—taking up the thunderbolt    SB 6.12.18
  gṛhīta-ātmā—whose mind was fully attracted    SB 7.4.37
  gṛhītā nu—just to draw towards    SB 3.5.12
  hasta-gṛhīta-padmayā—taking a lotus flower in the hand    SB 4.8.23
  rakṣā-gṛhīta-vapuṣā—by Your body, which You accept to give protection    SB 7.8.43

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