Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: grhe

  gåhe—at home    SB 1.15.37, SB 3.32.1, SB 4.26.15, SB 5.1.1, SB 5.2.20, SB 7.2.40, SB 9.6.53, Adi 14.7, Madhya 1.15, Madhya 7.51
  gåhe—to the home    Madhya 1.94, Madhya 10.78, Antya 3.25
  gåhe—at home.    SB 3.30.14, SB 6.14.44
  gåhe—to household life    SB 5.18.13, SB 6.3.28
  gåhe—in the home    SB 8.13.23, Adi 17.34
  gåhe—in the house    SB 9.9.20-21, Adi 14.25
  gåhe—in the house of    SB 2.7.3
  gåhe—in household life.    SB 3.12.42
  gåhe—house    SB 4.20.6
  gåhe—to his home    SB 5.9.6
  gåhe—confined at home    SB 10.1.65-66
  gåhe—in this house    SB 10.3.21
  gåhe—into the home    SB 10.3.22
  gåhe—to the house    Madhya 16.210

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: grhe

  advaita-gåhe—at the house of Advaita Äcärya    Madhya 3.199, Madhya 3.205, Madhya 3.218
  särvabhauma-gåhe—at the home of Särvabhauma Bhaööäcärya    Madhya 6.25, Madhya 15.1, Madhya 15.284
  vipra-gåhe—in the house of a brähmaëa    Madhya 9.285, Madhya 18.30, Madhya 19.128
  nija-gåhe—to His own residence    Madhya 1.64, Antya 2.112
  vipra-gåhe—at the house of the brähmaëa    Madhya 9.286, Madhya 19.45
  anya gåhe—to another room    Antya 10.56
  atreù gåhe—in the house of Atri    SB 4.1.16
  balaräma-äcärya-gåhe—at the house of Balaräma Äcärya    Antya 3.168
  bhakta-gåhe—at the house of a devotee    Antya 6.124
  bhaööa-gåhe—in the house of Veìkaöa Bhaööa    Madhya 9.108
  bhaööa-gåhe—in the house of Särvabhauma Bhaööäcärya    Madhya 15.298
  bhaööäcäryera gåhe—at the house of Särvabhauma Bhaööäcärya    Madhya 15.202
  çacé-gåhe—at the house of Çacémätä    Antya 2.79
  çacé-gåhe—in the house of mother Çacé    Adi 13.115
  candraçekhara gåhe—in the house of Candraçekhara Vaidya    Adi 10.152-154
  çivänanda-sena-gåhe—to the house of Çivänanda Sena    Antya 12.102
  çréväsera gåhe—in the house of Çréväsa Öhäkura    Antya 2.79
  eka eka bhakta-gåhe—in the house of one devotee after another    Madhya 15.15
  gopa-gåhe—in the house of a cowherd    Adi 17.111
  gåhe api—even at home    SB 7.15.67
  gåhe rahi—staying at home    Madhya 7.127
  me gåhe—in my house    SB 3.24.30
  mora gåhe—in my home    Madhya 10.23
  mädhava-däsa-gåhe—at the house of Mädhava däsa    Madhya 16.208
  nanda-gåhe—in the house of Nanda Mahäräja    SB 10.6.7
  navya gåhe—in newly constructed houses    Madhya 16.152
  navya-gåhe—in new houses    Madhya 16.111
  nija-gåhe—to his own place    Madhya 19.246
  nija-gåhe—to his own home    Madhya 19.84
  nija-nija-gåhe—to your respective homes    Madhya 3.206
  sétä-svayaàvara-gåhe—in the hall where mother Sétä stood to select her husband    SB 9.10.6-7
  sva-gåhe—at home    Madhya 19.16
  sva-gåhe äilä—returned to his home    Antya 6.154
  tat-gåhe—in the home of him (the master)    SB 1.18.34
  tértha-gåhe gati—going to temples and places of pilgrimage.    Madhya 22.122
  tädåçe gåhe—to such a home.    SB 3.33.22
  tämbu-gåhe—in tents    Madhya 16.117
  vasudeva-gåhe—in the house of Vasudeva (who would be the father of Kåñëa when the Lord appeared)    SB 10.1.23
  väcaspati-gåhe—at the house of Vidyä-väcaspati    Madhya 16.207
  väsudeva-gåhe—to the house of Väsudeva Datta    Madhya 16.206
  väsä-gåhe—to the residential place    Madhya 11.105
  yäìra gåhe—in whose house    Adi 10.10
  äcärya-gåhe—in the house of Advaita Äcärya    Madhya 3.171