Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: grhat

  grhat—from home    SB 4.13.46, SB 4.13.47, SB 7.15.36
  grhat—homes    SB 1.10.30
  grhat—from one's home    SB 2.1.16
  grhat—from home.    SB 4.31.1
  grhat—from ideal householder life    SB 5.12.12
  grhat—from his home    SB 6.7.16
  grhat—from the house    SB 8.16.6
  grhat—by sacrifices while living in the home    Madhya 22.52

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: grhat

  pitr-grhat—from the houses of His father    SB 9.24.66
  sutika-grhat—from the maternity room    SB 10.3.47