Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: grhan

  grhan—to the house    SB 4.4.3, SB 9.18.16
  grhan—at home    SB 4.8.1, SB 9.14.43
  grhan—houses.    SB 1.12.29
  grhan—household    SB 3.1.13
  grhan—in the house of    SB 4.3.18
  grhan—home    SB 4.28.34
  grhan—household affairs    SB 7.6.11-13
  grhan—homes    SB 7.7.4-5
  grhan—the house    SB 7.10.48
  grhan—the house of the Pandavas    SB 7.15.75
  grhan—at our residence.    SB 8.18.30
  grhan—to his own house    SB 10.3.51

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: grhan

  sva-grhan—to their respective homes    SB 10.11.17
  yatana-grhan—to the torture chambers, the hellish planets    SB 6.3.9