Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: grham

  grham—house    SB 3.1.2, SB 3.23.22
  grham—home    SB 4.12.52, Adi 15.27
  grham—household life    SB 5.18.14, SB 7.12.13-14
  grham—the house    SB 6.5.6-8, Adi 15.27
  grham—houses    SB 1.11.28
  grham—within the palace    SB 1.13.31
  grham—on the airplane which resembled a big house.    SB 4.12.30
  grham—from one house    SB 4.29.30-31
  grham—to another house    SB 4.29.30-31
  grham—the home life    SB 5.14.15
  grham—to your home    SB 6.15.20
  grham—home.    SB 6.19.25
  grham—a house    SB 7.2.42
  grham—the bodily concept of life, or household life    SB 7.5.5
  grham—to the place of the teachers (Sanda and Amarka)    SB 7.5.8
  grham—for his home.    SB 7.13.46
  grham—his own palace.    SB 10.4.28
  grham—the home    Adi 15.27

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: grham

  candika-grham—to the temple of goddess Kali    SB 5.9.14
  grham eyivan—came back to his home    SB 4.26.11
  grham avisat—Kamsa entered his own palace.    SB 10.4.44
  pravisat grham—entered his own house.    SB 10.1.55
  sva-grham—own house    SB 3.1.1
  sva-grham—home    SB 4.1.5
  sva-grham—to his home    SB 6.7.9
  sva-grham—His own palace    SB 9.11.31-34
  sva-grham—to her home    SB 9.18.18
  sva-grham—to his own abode    SB 10.8.20
  suti-grham—to the maternity home    SB 10.4.3
  sutika-grham—the place where the Lord was born    SB 10.3.12
  tat-grham—which is actually Your residence    SB 7.8.42