Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: grha

  grha—home    SB 3.30.3, SB 4.9.12, SB 4.27.10, SB 4.28.16, Madhya 3.203, Madhya 18.90
  grha—house    SB 3.31.41, SB 3.31.42, Adi 4.65, Madhya 10.55
  grha—to your home    SB 4.20.15
  grha—by home    SB 5.5.8
  grha—in the material home    SB 5.14.2
  grha—the household    SB 7.11.26-27
  grha—home, community, society and nation    SB 8.3.18
  grha—the homes    SB 8.16.7
  grha—the home    Madhya 6.65
  grha—room    Madhya 12.104
  grha—the house    Madhya 24.333

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: grha

  grha-medhinam—of the householders    SB 1.4.8, SB 1.19.39, SB 5.4.8
  a-grha-sammatam—who is not honored at home    SB 6.14.40
  deva-grha—temples wherein deities are worshiped    SB 9.11.27
  gundica-grha-sammarjana—washing of the Gundica temple    Madhya 1.143
  grha-andha-kupat—from the dark well of family life    SB 6.16.15
  grha-antarah—everything within the house    SB 10.5.6
  grha-antah-khelantyah—who were engaged in childish play within the house    Antya 1.153
  grha-antike—near the residence.    SB 7.5.1
  grha-anubandhah—I who am bound by attachment to family life, or worldly life.    SB 5.10.20
  grha-anupagatam—now returned home    SB 1.11.31
  grha-anvitah—a person attached to household life    SB 8.16.9
  grha-cetasah—who are attached to materialistic household life.    SB 9.11.17
  grha-dharma—activities of family life.    Adi 15.25
  grha-dharma—duties of family life    Adi 15.26
  grha-dharma—household duties    Madhya 21.143
  grha-dasisu—when all the maidservants of the household were otherwise engaged    SB 10.9.1-2
  grha-dasikah—the maidservants of the home    Adi 6.75
  grha-isvari—O queen of the home    SB 3.14.21
  grha-karmasu—in household affairs    Madhya 1.211
  grha-krtyesu—in discharging household affairs    SB 10.8.30
  grha-krtyesu—in engagement in household affairs    SB 10.9.22
  grha-madhya—within the home    Madhya 12.97
  grha-madhya—within the room    Madhya 12.100
  grha-medha—in married life    SB 3.21.15
  grha-medhah—attached to family life    SB 2.6.20
  grha-medhi—a person interested only in family life    SB 7.14.10
  grha-medhiya—of household life    SB 7.5.54
  grha-medhiyam—of household responsibilities    SB 4.28.20
  grha-medhiyam—especially of persons situated in household life    SB 9.10.54
  grha-medhiyah—although attached to household life    SB 7.15.74
  grha-medhiyan—of the householders    SB 3.32.1
  grha-medhi-saukhyam—happiness within this material world    SB 5.11.3
  grha-medhinah—persons living at home    SB 4.13.43
  grha-medhinah—persons who are attached to family life    SB 4.22.10
  grha-medhinim—one who keeps her husband in material life.    SB 4.26.13
  grha-medhini—O my wife, who are attached to household life    SB 8.16.5
  grha-medhisu—in the household    SB 3.22.11
  grha-medhinam—of persons too materially engrossed.    SB 2.1.2
  grha-medhinam—of the materialistic householders.    SB 3.32.4
  grha-medhinam—although situated with a wife and children    SB 6.5.42
  grha-medhinam—who are interested in householder life.    SB 7.5.51
  grha-mudha-dhih—completely ignorant of the goal of life.    SB 7.14.1
  grha-marjani—keeper of the home.    Adi 6.74
  grha-parikara—all counted in one family.    Adi 10.9
  grha-patayah—and King Nabhi    SB 5.3.3
  grha-patayah—the heads of the households    SB 5.24.8
  grha-patih—a householder    SB 5.26.35
  grha-patih—the master of the household affairs, although guided by the priests    SB 8.20.1
  grha-patih—Maharaja Nimi    SB 9.13.2
  grha-patih—householder    Madhya 13.80
  grha-pindaya—on the raised platform    Madhya 13.202
  grha-pala-vat—like a household dog.    SB 1.13.23
  grha-palah—the watchdog    SB 1.18.34
  grha-palah—a dog    SB 3.30.15
  grha-palah—all the inhabitants of the house, especially the doormen    SB 10.4.1
  grha-palayate—he becomes exactly like a household dog    SB 7.15.18
  grha-sahita—with his house    Madhya 10.32
  grha-sampadah—all household paraphernalia    SB 4.26.15
  grha-udyanam—the household garden    SB 3.33.18
  grha-uttamaih—with first-class houses    SB 5.24.9
  grha-vitta—all household possessions    Antya 3.139
  grha-vratanam—of persons too addicted to the materialistic, bodily conception of life    SB 7.5.30
  grha-vasa—residing at home    Adi 13.10
  grha-asrama—in householder life    SB 5.14.18
  grha-asramah—householder life.    SB 4.25.40
  grha-asramah—household life    SB 5.1.17
  grha-asramah—family life    SB 5.14.4
  grha-asramat—from a householder's life    Adi 16.3
  grha-adi—home and so on    Antya 12.71
  grha-adi chadiya—giving up my relationship with home    Antya 6.130
  grha-adi chadiya—leaving all relationships with home.    Antya 13.118
  grha-adisu—home, etc.    Bg 13.8-12
  grha-adisu—in hearth and home, etc.    SB 9.8.25
  grha-arambha—to find a house or apartment    SB 5.14.28
  grha-arudha-cetase—to one who is too attached to family life    SB 3.32.40
  ku-grha—of contemptible family life    Antya 6.1
  kasi-misra-grha—to the house of Kasi Misra    Madhya 11.125
  nija-grha—his own residence    Antya 3.99
  sa-grha-kupitah—He becomes angry at the residents of the house    SB 10.8.29
  vasa-grha-sthana—residential places for staying    Madhya 11.172