Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: granthe

  granthe—in the scripture    Adi 17.312
  granthe—in verses    Madhya 1.37
  granthe—in scriptures    Antya 4.226
  granthe—in his book    Antya 6.262
  granthe—in the book    Antya 20.95

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: granthe

  koti-granthe—in millions of books    Madhya 17.231, Madhya 25.263
  nija-granthe—in his own book    Madhya 24.347, Antya 16.86
  purva-granthe—in the previous chapter    Antya 1.10
  sva-granthe—in his own book    Madhya 19.118
  sva-granthe—in his book    Antya 17.71