Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: grantha

  grantha—book    Adi 8.39, Adi 8.40, Antya 4.220, Antya 4.221, Antya 18.11
  grantha—of the book    Adi 1.105, Adi 12.55, Adi 13.49, Adi 17.328
  grantha—the book    Adi 8.46, Madhya 1.43, Madhya 16.213, Antya 20.72
  grantha—scriptures    Madhya 1.36, Madhya 10.112, Antya 4.224
  grantha—books    Madhya 1.45, Antya 4.219, Antya 4.222
  grantha—great scripture    Adi 8.78
  grantha—the transcendental work of literature    Madhya 1.44
  grantha—the size of the book    Madhya 25.17
  grantha—of the great literature    Madhya 25.147
  grantha—dramatic literature    Antya 1.123
  grantha—verses    Antya 4.226
  grantha—literature    Antya 5.95
  grantha—this book    Antya 20.74
  bhakti-grantha—of books on devotional service    Madhya 1.33, Madhya 1.42
  bahu-grantha—of many different types of scriptures    Madhya 22.118
  bahu-yoga-grantha-sammatam—approved by all yogic processes and their scriptures    SB 5.10.15
  cāri-lakṣa grantha—400,000 verses    Antya 4.231
  dui grantha—the two books    Madhya 11.143
  dui-grantha—of the two scriptures    Madhya 6.97
  grantha bāḍaya—increases the volume of the book.    Antya 10.51
  grantha haya—the book becomes    Antya 18.10
  grantha sāra—the essence of all Vedic literature    Antya 4.230
  grantha-artha-āsvāda—understanding of the whole contents of the book.    Madhya 25.262
  grantha-kartā—author    Madhya 25.49
  grantha-sūtra—the synopsis of the pastimes    Antya 1.12
  grantha-sāra—the essence of all scriptures    Antya 4.229
  grantha-vivaraṇa—the description in the book.    Antya 20.140
  grantha-ārambhe—in the beginning of the book    Adi 13.6

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