Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: grama

  grama—villages    SB 1.6.11, SB 5.5.30, SB 7.2.14, Madhya 4.97, Madhya 16.219, Antya 4.210
  grama—village    Adi 5.181, Adi 14.52, Madhya 1.226, Madhya 18.27
  grama—the village    Madhya 1.166, Madhya 18.30, Antya 3.163
  grama—in a village    SB 7.13.1
  grama—village.    Adi 13.30
  grama—villages.    Madhya 7.117
  grama—the place.    Madhya 16.267
  grama—to the village.    Madhya 18.35
  grama—a village    Antya 1.40

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: grama

  kulina-grama-vasi—the inhabitants of Kulina-grama    Adi 10.80, Madhya 10.89, Madhya 16.16-17, Antya 12.9
  grama-antare—in a different village.    Madhya 18.31, Madhya 18.44
  anya grama—other villages    Madhya 9.7-8
  bhuta-grama—to other living entities    SB 3.29.24
  bhuta-grama—all the living entities.    Adi 3.32
  desa-grama—villages and towns.    Madhya 18.220
  eka grama—to one village    Madhya 4.11
  ghara-grama—house and village    Antya 3.161
  govardhana-grama—to the village known as Govardhana    Madhya 18.17
  grama haite—from the village    Antya 6.52
  grama-antara haite—from different villages    Madhya 7.102
  grama-antara haite—from other villages    Antya 6.55
  grama-bhitara—inside a village    Antya 12.18
  grama-madhye—within the village    Madhya 4.47
  grama-nivasinah—very much attached to materialistic enjoyment.    SB 9.19.2
  grama-sambandha—neighborhood relationship    Adi 17.148
  grama-sambandhe—in a village relationship    Adi 17.48
  grama-sambandhe—in our neighborhood relationship    Adi 17.148
  grama-seva—to live in a village and serve the people therein    SB 7.15.38-39
  grama-simhan—dogs    SB 3.18.10
  grama-simhah—the dogs    SB 3.17.10
  grama-adi—of villages, etc.    SB 4.18.32
  guna-grama—very qualified.    Adi 16.31
  guna-grama—glories    Adi 17.69
  kulina-grama-vasi—residents of the village known as Kulina-grama    Madhya 11.91
  kulina-grama-vasi—the residents of Kulina-grama    Madhya 1.131
  kuliya-grama—to the place known as Kuliya.    Madhya 1.151
  mangala-bhuyistha-pura-grama-vraja-akarah—whose many cities, towns, pasturing grounds and mines became auspicious and very neat and clean    SB 10.3.1-5
  nija-grama—his own village.    Madhya 7.101
  nana-grama—various villages    Antya 6.91
  nana-grama haite—from various villages    Madhya 3.157
  pura-grama-vraja-adisu—in all the towns, villages and pasturing grounds    SB 10.4.31
  pura-grama-vraja-adisu—in towns, cities and villages here and there.    SB 10.6.2
  purusottama-grama—the place known as Purusottama, Jagannatha Puri    Madhya 14.232
  ramakeli grama—to the village of the name Ramakeli    Madhya 1.166
  ramakeli-grama—to the village of Ramakeli    Madhya 16.260
  saundarya-adi-guna-grama—the transcendental qualities, headed by beauty    Madhya 21.104
  sei grama haite—from the village known as Pichalda    Madhya 16.200
  tattva-grama—the sum total of the creative elements    SB 1.3.10
  yamuna-pare grama—his residence on the other side of the Yamuna.    Madhya 18.82
  yei grama—which villages    Madhya 17.47
  yajapura-grama—the village of Yajapura-grama    Madhya 5.3