Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: grahah

  grahah—a ghost    SB 5.26.36
  grahah—the plates known as soma plates    SB 3.13.36
  grahah—planets    SB 5.21.11
  grahah—the luminous planets    SB 7.8.32
  grahah—accepting    SB 3.31.30
  grahah—crocodile    SB 8.2.27
  grahah—became a crocodile    SB 8.4.3-4

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: grahah

  asubha-grahah—an unfavorable, inauspicious planet    SB 5.22.14
  arbhaka-grahah—like evil stars for children    SB 10.6.27-29
  asat-grahah—material conception of life    SB 7.5.11
  bala-grahah—the witch, whose business was to kill small babies    SB 10.6.7
  bala-grahah ca—and those attacking children    SB 10.6.27-29
  samala-grahah—accepting the sinful activities    SB 5.26.36
  guna-grahah—the power of seeing.    SB 2.10.21
  guna-grahah—and the objects of hearing.    SB 2.10.22
  hasta-grahah—he who accepted my hand    SB 9.18.20-21
  hasta-grahah—husband    SB 9.18.22
  navina-grahah—new ecstatic influence.    Antya 1.145
  phala-grahah—gainers of the actual result.    SB 8.6.22-23
  parsni-grahah—grasping him from behind    SB 8.2.28
  rasa-grahah—one who has relished the mellow    SB 1.5.19
  rasa-grahah—which perceives taste.    SB 3.26.41
  sa-grahah—with the planets    SB 7.3.5
  sat-grahah—devotee of    SB 1.12.25
  svatva-grahah—the wife is accepted as being identical with oneís self    SB 7.14.11