Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: graha

  graha—planets    SB 1.19.30, SB 4.9.20-21
  graha—the influential planets    SB 2.5.11
  graha—the asteroids    SB 2.6.13-16
  graha—the planets    SB 2.8.15
  graha—planetary system    SB 3.7.33
  graha—influential planets like the moon    SB 3.11.13
  graha—the nine planets (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto)    SB 4.12.25
  graha—by a crocodile    SB 3.18.6
  graha—crocodiles    SB 8.7.18
  graha—the crocodiles    Adi 2.1
  graha—like crocodiles    Madhya 9.1

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: graha

  asat-graha—by the bad philosophy    SB 7.5.3
  graha-sankita—fearing some bad planet    SB 10.7.11
  graha-gana—all planets    Adi 13.90
  graha-grasta-praya—exactly like one haunted by a ghost    Antya 2.18
  graha-grastah—being caught by an eclipse    SB 6.1.63
  graha-grastah—haunted by a ghost    SB 7.7.35
  graha-grhitah—haunted by a ghost    SB 5.5.31
  graha-mardam—clashes of the stars    SB 1.14.17
  graha-naksatra-adinam—such as the planets and stars    SB 5.23.2
  graha-tarakam—and the planets and stars like Asvini    SB 10.3.1-5
  graha-ulka-vat—like a falling star    SB 6.12.3
  graha-upasamanah—nullifying planets.    SB 5.22.12
  graha-vat—as if haunted by a ghost    SB 7.13.41
  graha-rksa—the stars and planets    SB 5.18.32
  graha-rksa-tara-mayam—consisting of all the planets and stars    SB 5.23.9
  graha-adayah—the different planets    SB 5.23.3
  graha-adibhyah—from demons and so on    SB 6.8.37
  graha-grastam—when attacked by the crocodile    SB 8.1.31
  gudha-graha—which covered the stars    Antya 1.136
  krsna-graha—by Krsna, who is like a strong influence (like a graha, or planetary influence)    SB 7.4.37
  kama-graha-grastah—being haunted by the ghost of lusty desire    SB 9.19.5-6
  sa-graha—with the stars    SB 10.6.12
  sarva-graha-bhayam-karah—who is fearful to all evil planets.    SB 10.6.25-26
  vipra-graha—brahmana ghosts    SB 6.8.25
  yaksma-graha-arditah—being oppressed by a disease that brings about gradual destruction.    SB 6.6.23