Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: gopi

  gopī—the gopīs    Adi 4.187, Adi 17.233, Adi 17.286, Madhya 9.153, Madhya 18.7, Antya 16.144, Antya 18.88
  gopī—mother Yaśodā    SB 10.7.19, SB 10.8.44, SB 10.9.7, SB 10.9.9, SB 10.9.20, Madhya 8.78
  gopī—of the gopīs    Madhya 8.220, Madhya 14.1, Antya 17.33
  gopī—the cowherd lady (Yaśodā)    SB 1.8.31
  gopī—the cowherd woman    SB 2.7.30
  gopī—the damsels of Vrajabhūmi, the gopīs    Madhya 9.135
  gopī—gopīs    Madhya 13.141
  gopī-gaṇa—the gopīs    Adi 1.79-80, Adi 4.30, Adi 4.186, Adi 4.214, Adi 6.65-66, Madhya 13.150, Madhya 19.191, Antya 14.19, Antya 16.142, Antya 18.84 (and more...)
  gopī-gaṇera—of the gopīs    Adi 4.29, Adi 4.162, Adi 4.172, Madhya 8.102, Madhya 8.105, Madhya 9.133, Madhya 9.149, Madhya 14.138, Antya 7.41
  gopī-gaṇa—all the gopīs    Adi 17.284, Adi 17.289, Madhya 14.123, Madhya 21.114, Madhya 21.122, Antya 14.49, Antya 18.93
  gopī gopī—"Gopī, Gopī"    Adi 17.247, Adi 17.247, Adi 17.248, Adi 17.248
  gopī gopī—the names "Gopī, Gopī"    Adi 17.249, Adi 17.249
  gopī-bhāva—the ecstasy of the gopīs    Adi 17.303, Madhya 9.133
  gopī-bhāve—in the ecstasy of the gopīs    Adi 11.17, Adi 17.247
  gopī-gaṇa—gopīs    Adi 4.217, Antya 16.125
  gopī-gaṇa—the gopīs.    Adi 4.218, Madhya 21.107
  gopī-gaṇa-saṅge—with the gopīs    Antya 18.32, Antya 18.81
  gopī-nāthaḥ—Śrī Gopīnātha    Adi 1.17, Antya 1.7
  gopī-saṅge—with the gopīs    Madhya 8.109, Madhya 14.125
  gopa-gopī-gavām—for all the cowherd men, the members of their families, and the cows    SB 10.11.28
  gopī-bhartuḥ—of the Supreme Person, who is the maintainer of the gopīs    Madhya 13.80
  gopī-bhāgya—the fortune of the gopīs    Madhya 21.111
  gopī-bhāva—the mood of the gopīs    Adi 17.277
  gopī-bhāva—the loving mood of the gopīs    Madhya 8.228
  gopī-bhāva hṛdaye—with the ecstatic love of the gopīs in His heart    Antya 19.53
  gopī-bhāva-darapaṇa—the gopīs' ecstasy is like a mirror    Madhya 21.118
  gopī-bhāva-varya—the foremost mood of the gopīs.    Madhya 8.217
  gopī-bhāve—in the mood of the gopīs    Madhya 11.63
  gopī-bhāve—in the emotion of the gopīs    Antya 17.32
  gopī-bhāvera—of the emotion of the gopīs    Adi 4.185
  gopī-candana—gopī-candana (available in Vṛndāvana and Dvārakā)    Madhya 24.333
  gopī-candana-tale—under heaps of gopī-candana (yellowish clay used for tilaka)    Madhya 9.247
  gopī-śobhā—the beauty of the gopīs    Adi 4.192
  gopī-deha—the bodies of gopīs    Madhya 8.225
  gopī-deha—the body of a gopī    Madhya 9.134
  gopī-dvāre—through the gopīs    Madhya 9.154
  gopī-gaṇa—all the gopīs combined together    Adi 17.285
  gopī-gaṇa—party of gopīs    Madhya 14.159
  gopī-gaṇa—of the gopīs also    Madhya 21.105
  gopī-gaṇa—O gopīs    Antya 16.143
  gopī-gaṇa vinā—except for the gopīs    Madhya 14.123
  gopī-gaṇa-madhye—of all the gopīs    Madhya 14.160
  gopī-gaṇa-saha—with the gopīs    Antya 17.26
  gopī-gaṇa-sane—with the gopīs.    Antya 18.117
  gopī-gaṇe—in the gopīs.    Adi 4.194
  gopī-gaṇe—the gopīs    Madhya 13.142
  gopī-gaṇe—gopīs    Madhya 14.214
  gopī-gaṇe—the gopīs of Vṛndāvana.    Madhya 21.142
  gopī-gaṇe—unto the gopīs    Antya 16.125
  gopī-gaṇera—of all the gopīs    Adi 17.237
  gopī-jana-vallabha—most dear friend of the gopīs    Madhya 23.29
  gopī-maṇḍala—by groups of gopīs    Adi 1.72
  gopī-manaḥ-rathe—on the chariot of the minds of the gopīs    Madhya 21.107
  gopī-māna—the pride of the gopīs    Madhya 14.140
  gopī-nāthaḥ—the master of all the gopīs    Madhya 1.5
  gopī-prema—the love of the gopīs    Adi 4.209
  gopī-preme—in the love of the gopīs    Adi 4.195
  gopī-preme—the love of the gopīs    Adi 4.198
  gopī-premera—of the love of the gopīs    Adi 4.197
  gopī-rūpa-guṇe—in the qualities and beauty of the gopīs    Adi 4.194
  gopī-saṅge—with the cowherd damsels    Adi 5.21
  gopī-ānugatya—subservience to the gopīs    Madhya 8.230
  kṛṣṇa-gopī-jala-keli—the water pastimes of Kṛṣṇa and the gopīs    Antya 20.134
  saba gopī-gaṇa—all the gopīs of Vṛndāvana    Madhya 13.124
  sei gopī—that gopī    Adi 17.304
  ye gopī—any gopī who    Antya 20.56

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