Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: gocaram

  gocaram—who are advanced in understanding    SB 6.15.18-19
  akiñcana-gocaram—one who is approached easily by the materially exhausted man.    SB 1.8.26
  asmat-karaṇa-gocaram—appreciable by our direct senses, especially by our eyes    SB 8.5.45
  dhyāna-gocaram—the object of meditation    SB 3.33.23
  dṛk-gocaram—visible to his naked eyes    SB 4.20.22
  netra-gocaram—visible by her eyes    SB 8.17.5
  vitarka-gocaram—beyond all arguments, reason and sense perception    SB 10.8.41

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