Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: gocarah

  gocarah—within the range.    Madhya 21.27, Madhya 21.83
  gocarah—within the view of    SB 1.9.41
  gocarah—within the purview.    SB 1.16.3
  gocarah—inhabiting    SB 4.14.46
  gocarah—experienced    SB 4.29.68

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: gocarah

  akincana-gocarah—within the reach of the unalloyed devotees    SB 6.11.23
  sabda-gocarah—who is understood by transcendental sound vibration    SB 3.15.11
  sabda-gocarah—understood through the Vedic literature    SB 3.15.15
  drsti-gocarah—range of sight    SB 3.5.28
  gih-gocarah—the subject of being described.    Madhya 14.181
  indriya-gocarah—objects of the senses    Bg 13.6-7
  jnana-gocarah—by the range of man's knowledge    Madhya 20.113
  vana-gocarah—amphibious    SB 3.18.2
  vana-gocarah—going into the forest    SB 4.13.40
  vana-gocarah—dwelling in the forest    SB 3.18.10