Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: gitam

  gitam—instructed    SB 1.15.30
  gitam—explanation    SB 3.17.1
  gitam—sung    SB 4.24.79
  gitam—narrated    SB 4.29.83
  gitam—prayers offered    SB 7.10.14
  gitam—what has been spoken    SB 8.19.38
  gitam—described    Bg 13.5

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: gitam

  bhrngi-gitam—the humming songs of the bumblebees    Antya 1.160
  kala-venu-gitam—sweet vibrations made by playing the flute    Madhya 24.176
  mat-gitam—the song composed by me or sung by me    SB 4.24.76
  rudra-gitam—the song sung by Lord Siva    SB 4.25.2
  su-gitam—the art of singing sweet songs    SB 4.15.19
  sura-loka-gitam—praised even in the heavenly planets    SB 7.10.13
  yat gitam—as already stated    SB 10.10.25