Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: giri

  giri—hills    SB 5.5.30, SB 5.17.6
  giri—of hills    SB 3.30.27
  giri—of the hills    SB 4.18.29
  giri—by hills and mountains    SB 5.1.40
  giri—of a mountain    SB 5.26.28
  giri—of mountains    SB 6.10.26
  giri—by peaks of mountains    SB 9.10.20
  giri—mountains    Adi 8.5
  giri—in the words or speech    NoI 5
  caṭaka-giri—the sand hill known as Caṭaka-parvata    Antya 14.119
  giri govardhana—to the hill known as Govardhana.    Madhya 4.21
  giri-śam—the lord of the Kailāsa Hill    SB 4.30.2
  giri-śikhara-sthūlāni—which are as fat as mountain peaks    SB 5.16.16
  giri-śikharam—to the peak of Nīla Mountain    SB 5.17.8
  giri-śikharāt—from the peak of Kumuda Mountain    SB 5.17.8
  giri-śṛṅga—like a mountain peak    SB 10.12.17
  giri-śṛṅgam—the peak of a mountain    SB 6.12.32
  giri-daryām—in a cave in a mountain    SB 5.24.23
  giri-dhātu—some minerals from the hills    Madhya 14.204
  giri-īśaḥ—Lord Śiva   
  giri-kandara—like the caves of a mountain    SB 7.8.19-22
  giri-kandara—like mountain caves    SB 10.6.15-17
  giri-kandara-prāye—similar to the dark caves in the mountains.    SB 5.14.33
  giri-kandare—in a cave in a mountain    SB 5.13.18
  giri-kūṭa-vat—appearing like the weight of a mountain peak.    SB 10.7.18
  giri-kūṭāni—the tops of mountains    SB 5.17.9
  giri-kānana—the hills and forests    SB 4.14.46
  giri-pāta—because of the falling of Mandara Mountain    SB 8.6.37
  giri-rājasya—the king of sand hills    Antya 14.120
  giri-rāṭ—the Himalaya Mountains    SB 6.12.27-29
  giri-rāṭ—the king of mountains    SB 8.7.12
  giri-taṭe—at the foot of Govardhana Hill    NoI 9
  giri-tra—O King of the mountains    SB 8.7.31
  giri-vare—great mountain    SB 5.20.40
  govardhana-giri-patim—Govardhana, the king of hills    Antya 14.120
  kula-giri-rājaḥ—the most famous among famous mountains    SB 5.16.7
  mandara-giri-śikharāt—from the top of Mandara Mountain    SB 5.16.17
  meru-ādi-giri-duhitaraḥ—daughters of the mountains beginning with Meru    SB 5.17.10
  mānasottara-giri—of the mountain known as Mānasottara    SB 5.21.7
  sa-giri-sarit-samudra-sattvam—with many mountains, trees, oceans and living entities    SB 5.25.12
  tat-giri—of that mountain (Trikūṭa)    SB 8.2.20
  ucca-giri—high hills    Antya 15.19
  varṣa-giri-droṇīṣu—the valleys between the mountains designating the borders of the tracts of land    SB 5.17.13
  ṛṣyamūka-giri—at the Ṛṣyamūka Mountain    Madhya 9.311
  ārindā-giri kare—acts as the chief tax collector    Antya 3.191

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