Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: girah

  giraḥ—words    SB 2.7.38, SB 4.2.25, SB 4.15.22, SB 4.16.26, Adi 4.259
  giraḥ—the words.    SB 7.8.11, SB 8.11.9
  giraḥ—speech    SB 1.9.30
  giraḥ—of words    SB 1.10.31
  giraḥ—words.    SB 3.22.7
  giraḥ—utterances    SB 6.14.58
  giraḥ aṅga-vat—voices exactly like theirs    SB 10.13.19
  putra-giraḥ—the instructive words of his son    SB 7.5.6
  satya-giraḥ—that they have spoken the truth    SB 10.8.35
  saumaṅgalya-giraḥ—whose chanting of mantras and hymns purified the environment by their vibration    SB 10.5.5
  ṛta-giraḥ—who are truthful to the devotees    Madhya 22.96

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