Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: ghrna

  ghṛṇā—hatred    Madhya 6.268, Madhya 6.276, Madhya 8.36, Antya 4.29, Antya 4.186, Antya 4.187
  ghṛṇā kari—hating    Antya 4.196
  ghṛṇā-arditaḥ—therefore, being compassionate due to causeless mercy    SB 10.12.27
  ghṛṇā-buddhi kari—I regard with hatred    Antya 4.180
  ghṛṇā-leśe—even a small bit of aversion    Antya 4.154
  ghṛṇā-lāja—hate and hesitation    Antya 16.58
  ghṛṇā-uddhata—by aggressive mercy    SB 4.25.42
  sa-ghṛṇa—with mercy    SB 4.30.7
  sa-ghṛṇa—with hatred    Madhya 16.79

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