Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: ghora

  ghora—horrible, ghastly    SB 1.2.26
  ghora—fearful    SB 1.14.2
  ghora—active    SB 3.26.26
  ghora—horrible    SB 4.26.5
  ghora—terrible    Adi 5.226
  ghora—roaring    Adi 17.181
  ghora—deep state    Antya 18.78
  ghora—very fierce    SB 10.6.2
  ghora—the most ferocious Putana    SB 10.6.10

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: ghora

  ghora-darsanah—appearing very fearful    SB 6.9.12
  ghora-darsana—horrible looking    SB 3.14.23
  ghora-darsanah—very fierce looking    SB 10.11.56
  ghora-drstin—who have very fearful eyes    SB 6.8.25
  ghora-rupan—demigods with fearful bodily features    Madhya 24.123
  ghora-tama—most horrible    SB 3.14.23
  ghora-tama—darkest    SB 3.18.26
  ghora-tamat bhavat—from the most ghastly contemplation of how to kill his sister    SB 10.2.23
  su-maha-ghora—very fierce and heavy    SB 10.7.21