Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: ghnam

  agha-ghnam—which vanquish all sinful reactions    SB 9.11.21
  akhila-vṛjina-ghnam—defeating everything inauspicious    Madhya 17.138
  akhila-vṛjina-ghnam—who can destroy all kinds of material misery    Madhya 24.48
  kali-kalmaṣa-ghnam—which diminish the troubles of this age of Kali    SB 10.1.14
  sauhṛda-ghnam—a breaker of friendship (therefore not countable among the bhāgavatas, or devotees of the Lord)    SB 6.5.39
  tapaḥ-ghnam—which dismantles the austerities    SB 5.2.15

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