Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: ghati

  ghati—hour    Adi 16.36
  ghati—the camp    Antya 1.16

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: ghati

  dana-ghati-pathe—on the way leading toward the spot from where one crosses the river to the other side    Madhya 14.171
  ghati-ksana-pala—seconds, moments and hours    Madhya 2.38
  ghati haite—from the toll station    Antya 12.21
  ghati-dana—as a toll tax    Madhya 4.185
  ghati-dani—from the toll collectors    Madhya 4.153
  ghati-samadhana—management of payment of tolls    Antya 12.15
  ghati karite—to reduce    Antya 9.26
  ghati samadhana—arrangements for expenditures to clear the tax collecting centers    Madhya 16.19