Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: ghara

  ghara—home.    Adi 17.120, Madhya 7.80, Antya 10.76
  ghara—home    Adi 15.12, Antya 15.71
  ghara—house    Adi 17.142, Antya 5.30
  ghara—residence    Madhya 6.51, Madhya 18.85
  ghara—room    Madhya 10.101, Madhya 11.175
  ghara—their house    Madhya 1.193
  ghara—rooms    Madhya 3.183
  ghara—house.    Madhya 8.39
  ghara—a room    Madhya 16.196

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: ghara

  ghara yaite—to return home    Antya 10.7, Antya 19.98
  nija-ghara—to His own residence    Madhya 3.40, Madhya 15.31
  vasa-ghara—residential quarters    Madhya 10.129, Antya 12.43
  vasa-ghara—residential places    Madhya 11.180, Antya 12.25
  bhare ghara—the house filled up    Adi 13.119
  candrasekharera ghara—the house of Candrasekhara.    Madhya 19.252
  chadaila ghara—have I been obliged to give up my household life    Antya 6.229
  sivananda-ghara—to the house of Sivananda Sena    Madhya 16.206
  ei ghara—this house    Antya 3.155
  ghara dhoya—washing the rooms    Madhya 12.111
  ghara dhui—washing the room    Madhya 12.103
  ghara gela—returned to their respective places    Antya 4.135
  ghara haite—from home.    Madhya 16.25
  ghara haite—from the room    Antya 12.119
  ghara pathaila—sent to His residence    Antya 11.77
  ghara yaha—go home    Antya 6.261
  ghara yai—going home    Madhya 11.39
  ghara yai—returning home    Antya 16.33
  ghara aila—came back to His house    Antya 18.119
  ghara-bhitara—within the room    Adi 14.43
  ghara-bhata karena—he cooks rice at home    Antya 13.106
  ghara-bhate—with rice at home    Antya 10.154-155
  ghara-bhate—cooking at home.    Antya 12.63
  ghara-grama—house and village    Antya 3.161
  ghara-pracira—the building and the boundary walls    Madhya 16.259
  mora ghara—to my place    Madhya 15.198
  mora ghara—my residence    Madhya 18.86
  mora ghara—my place    Madhya 19.250
  nija ghara—to her own apartment    Madhya 14.213
  nija ghara—to his home    Antya 6.177
  nija-ghara—to your own home    Madhya 5.107
  nija-ghara—to her apartment    Madhya 14.233
  nija-ghara—to his own place    Antya 5.32
  nija-ghara—to his home    Antya 7.89
  nija-ghara—to his room    Antya 12.120
  sei ghara—that room    Madhya 11.176
  tara ghara—to his house.    Antya 3.159
  tara ghara—his house.    Antya 12.54
  vasa-ghara—of the residential house    Madhya 19.60
  yaha ghara—go to your homes    Antya 3.207
  acaryera ghara—the house of Yadunandana Acarya    Antya 6.167
  aila ghara—came back home    Antya 6.183
  amara ghara—my home    Madhya 18.173
  ara ghara—the other room    Madhya 15.205